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2015 Youth Awads Nominations criteria TBA







Youth Award Winners

Award Criteria

Youth Award criteria

Running USA will begin accepting award nominations on December 1, 2013. Please review the criteria below and send all submissions - 500 words or less - to by Sunday, December 15, 2013. Each category winner will receive $5000.


1) Youth Program of the Year

•    Serve youth for any ages between 5 and 18 inclusive.

•    Provide a consistent program of running and related activities over at least an 8-week period.

•    Demonstrate a means for serving youth of varying levels of interest in physical fitness and ability level.

•    Provide the plan for evaluating the effectiveness of the program.

•    Be willing to share materials developed and / or staff time to help others start or enhance a youth running program.

•    Have a comprehensive risk management provision for safety of participants including, but not limited to injury prevention, background check of all volunteers / staff and emergency segments.

•    Have a nutrition and hydration education component.

•    Be in existence for at least 2 years

•    Be a Running USA member or affiliated with a member of Running USA


2) Youth Event of the Year

•    Promotes a healthy lifestyle in its messaging surrounding the event.

•    Components analysis: scholarship / price, promotion calendar and relationships with clubs and / or schools

•    Submissions should include event size, growth and any additional incentives to participants.

•    Be in existence for at least 2 years

•    Be a Running USA member or affiliated with a Running USA member event.



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