Tedcorbitt.com Website Celebrates Life of Ted Corbitt, Trailblazing Runner and Physical Therapist

October 2, 2013

Corbitt was post-humously inducted into the Running USA Hall of Champions in 2013


The son of distance running advocate, participant and physical therapist Ted Corbitt announced that a new website celebrating his father's life has been launched.

Tedcorbitt.com's go live date happened to be the 51st anniversary of Corbitt's historic trip to the London-to-Brighton 52.5 mile road race in 1962.  On Sunday, Sept. 29, he set an American Record with a 4th place finish in a race that served as the world championship of ultramarathon running during this era.

The site is a tribute and comprehensive look at Ted Corbitt; the athlete, running administrator, and physical therapist.  It was created by Gary Corbitt, who has done much to preserve and promote his father's running legacy. Ted Corbitt was post-humously inducted into the Running USA Hall of Champions in February 2013.

Corbitt's amazing running career included the following highlights:
*Corbitt completed 223 marathon and ultramarathons throughout his career.
*In July 1969, he ran 1,000 miles in a one month period while working full-time.
*Four times, he ran 300 mile training weeks while working full-time.
*In 12 different years, he achieved the distinction of completing more marathons than anyone in the history of the sport.
*His win-loss record in racing sixteen ultramarathon races against his arch rival Jim McDonagh was Jim - 10 wins, Ted,- 6 wins
*Corbitt’s most competitive years were 1954 – 1959.  During these years, in New York Metropolitan Championship races, he finished among the top 3 runners in 90% of the races.
*In U.S. National Championship races, he finished among the top 5 runners in 50% of the races.

Biographical data on the site includes:
*Listing of all continuing education classes taken throughout his life.
*A list of master teachers he studied  under for various health and rehabilitation disciplines.

The site will regularly grow in content and provide readers with the following:
*Complete listing of all the races he competed in.
*All articles about him and written by him.
*The posting of oral history interview of Ted Corbitt and other pioneers of running.
*Running history milestones will profile people, events, and eras documenting the history of running.  So far, these include:
- Browning Ross
- John Jewell
- Leonard “Buddy” Edelen
- Alain Mimoun
- Chris & Gordon McKenzie
*Ted Corbitt Archives - Table of content listing letter, books, publications, articles, and memorabilia comprising the archives.

Find the website at www.tedcorbitt.com


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