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Running USA is a non-profit organization that is a leading force in the multi-billion dollar running industry. The organization was founded in 1999 and, since then, has been fully committed towards advancing the growth and success of the running industry.  

Over the years, Running USA has established itself as a valuable resource for event organizers, vendors, sponsors and media throughout the running industry. The annual Running USA Conference is the flagship event for the organization, uniting all facets of the running industry to share best practices and engage in business networking. 

Running USA is at a critical inflection point in its development, as it stands poised for rapid growth. We are looking for an experienced, knowledgeable person with a vision and drive to lead the organization through its next phase of growth.  


  • Excellent interpersonal, communications, public speaking and presentation skills 

  • Solid working knowledge of budgeting, marketing, business development and strategic planning  

  • 8-plus years in leadership and/or at a professional non-profit organization with an understanding of the running industry 

  • Exceptional capacity for managing and leading people; a team builder who has experience in scaling up organizations; ability to connect staff both on an individual level and in large groups; capacity to enforce accountability, develop and empower top-notch leaders from the bottom up, lead from the top down, cultivate entrepreneurship, and learn the strengths and weaknesses of the team so as to put people in a position to succeed.  


  • Enjoys working hard and looks for challenges; able to act and react as necessary, even if limited information is available; not afraid to take charge of a situation; can overcome resistance to leadership and take unpopular stands when necessary.  


  • Ability to generate respect and trust from staff and external constituencies. 

  • Self-reliant, good problem solver and results-oriented 

  • Demonstrated experience in financial planning and analysis 

  • Personal qualities of integrity, credibility and commitment  

  • Flexible and able to multi-task; can work within an ambiguous, fast-moving environment, while also driving toward clarity and solutions; demonstrated resourcefulness in setting priorities and guiding investment in people and systems.  

  • Excellent judgment and creative problem solving skills including negotiation and conflict resolution skills 



The job responsibilities include the following: 

Leadership + Strategic Growth 

  • Serve as head of the senior management team, working to ensure growth and effectiveness in the organizations initiatives. 

  • Work with the Board of Directors to develop and implement a vision and strategic plan to guide the growth of the organization. 

  • Manage all day-to-day activities of the organization. 

  • Develop and implement initiatives to increase revenue and expand the presence of the organization. 

  • Represent the organization at industry activities and work to enhance the organizations community and industry profile. 

Operational planning and management 

  • Develop an operational plan which incorporates goals and objectives that work towards the strategic direction of the organization. 

  • Ensure that the operation of the organization meets the expectations of its Members, Board, Staff and Founders. 

  • Oversee the efficient and effective day-to-day operation of the organization. 

  • Hire and manage all key personnel. 

  • Draft policies for the approval of the Board and prepare procedures to implement the organizational policies; review existing policies per annual basis and recommend changes to the Board as appropriate. 


  • Create and control annual budget and audit. 

  • Work with the Treasurer to provide quarterly reports on the financial status. 

Public Relations 

  • Enhance the image and awareness of the organization. 

  • Maintain a strong relationship with the financial contributors to the organization. 


  • Serve as primary liaison to Board of Directors, Standing and Ad-Hoc Committees. 

  • Facilitate volunteer interface and communications. 

  • Plan and facilitate objectives of the Strategic Plan (adopted 02/24/13).  


Responsible for all aspects of Running USA’s Programs and Services including, but not limited to: 

  • Membership (recruitment, retention and events calendar) 

  • Clearinghouse (research, statistics, publications and media relations)  

  • Communications (wire, eNews, Marketplace News, website, twitter and Facebook) 

  • Education (annual conference and race director workshops)  


Develop and cultivate a clear cause related platform for youth and professional runner initiatives to resonate industry-wide. 


Compensation is commensurate to the qualifications of the candidate. Base range $100k + quarterly and annual performance bonuses. Employee health benefits are included.  

  • All candidates must have authorization to work in the USA. 

  • 40-plus hours per week 

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