Running USA Music Licensing

Runnings USA has used its collective bargaining power to negotiate the best possible rates for Running USA event production members with the two largest music licensing services companies in the nation, ASCAP and BMI, saving you both money and time.


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If you have live performances or broadcast music during your event, including recording or livestreaming your race, you are required to pay a performance rights fee based on the estimated number of participants in your event. 


Music licenses are granted on a per-event basis. If you have several events throughout the year, you must list each event separately, identifying the event name, date and estimated number or participants and pay the associated fee per each event. 


Fee schedules vary between ASCAP and BMI and discounts also vary based on total number of participants. Discounts of up to 50% in some cases are available if licensing as a Running USA member. Fee schedules are below and include a processing fee.




Running USA Member Cost Breakdown
ASCAP Pricing (per event)
Event Size (participants) Member Price
< 1,000 $80
1,000-2,500 $130
2,501-5,000 $200
5,001-10,000 $275
10,001-20,000 $385
20,001-30,000 $450
30,000+ $570


BMI Pricing (per event)

Event Size (participants) Member Price
< 1,500 $110
1,501-3,000 $265
3,001-4,500 $460
4,501-6,000 $640
6,001-7,500 $850
7,501-10,000 $1,075
10,001-19,999 $1,390
20,000-50,000 $3,300


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Quick FAQs


Q. I’ve never paid for a music license in the past, why now? 

A.If you are playing music beyond a normal circle of friends and family, you are violating U.S. Copyright Law and your event is considered a public performance. You are thus required to purchase rights to that music. ASCAP and BMI are the leading music rights companies.


Q. Who are ASCAP and BMI?

A. The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) and Broadcast Music Inc., are the leading performing rights organizations in the nation. They have joined forces to ensure their members (musicians and record labels) obtain fair compensation for the public performance of their members’ works. 


Q. My event pays licensing fees direct, why should I pay Running USA? 

A. Running USA has negotiated discounted license fees and can help save you time and money. You can register all of your events in one easy location and pay one time. Savings to members that purchase a music license range from 15% up to as much as 50% what an organization would pay on the open market.


Q. What if my event has more than 30,000 participants for ASCAP and more than 50,000 for BMI? 

A. Please contact Brian Lyons, Running USA Director of Membership, at to address this concern.  


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