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Seventh Class (2010)

Fred Finke

Coach and Industry Pioneer

Fred Finke's imagination and selflessness has advanced the growth and success of running in the U.S. One of the pioneers of track & field on the internet since the early 1990s, Fred was a five-time state Coach of the Year and national finalist for National Coach of the Year. He served as meet director for some of the largest meets in the country including Great American, Junior Olympic Nationals and World Cross Country Trials. And in 1998 he was the first high school coach to be selected a head coach for a World Championship team. Fred is a founding member of the MileSplit Board of Directors, and in 2001, he was inducted into the Florida Sports Hall of Fame. Finke currently serves as the Chairman of the Long Distance Running Division and High Performance Division for USA Track & Field and is a past board member of Running USA.

Running USA Hall of Champions Award Winners - Fred Finke

Ryan Lamppa

Media & Research

One of the founders of Running USA and Team Running USA, media director Ryan Lamppa created the Running USA wire in March 1999. Since then, the wire has become a go-to resource for media looking for a definitive and accurate source about the sport. Ryan, who has served as a record keeper, researcher and statistician for the sport since 1992, has become the de facto phone call or email for a reporter writing about a marathon, running trends, records, statistics and top performances, or anything else running-related. The youngest member of the Hall of Champions also serves as a consultant on various aspects of the running industry, particularly media operations.

Running USA Hall of Champions Award Winners - Ryan Lamppa


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