Trot First, Then Turkey

November 27, 2013

An infographic illustrates how Thanksgiving Day has become the most popular holiday for recreational distance running in the USA


Let's talk turkey ... not feasting on it, but trotting before it! Check out our Turkey Trot infographic with data from the nation's largest #Thanksgiving Day races. In 2011, there were 698,000 people trotting on Thanksgiving Day, whether for competition, camaraderie, or just to cut down a few of the calories they planned to consume later.

That far and away surpasses the number of people who raced on the Fourth of July - 248,000 - or in New Year's Day "Resolution Runs," which rang in at 81,000 in 2011.

In 2012, Thanksgiving Day race finishers had grown to 858,000, and 2013 could see 1 million Turkey Trot finishers!

You can see the listing of the top 10 largest Turkey Trots in the nation, too.

This graphic was created in partnership with our friends at MapMyFitness ... feel free to share with your running friends, and congratulations to all you Turkey Trotters out there!

Want to make the image larger? Find a dynamic version on our Running USA Facebook page.


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