Women's National Runner Survey


The Women's National Runner Survey from Running USA is a comprehensive survey designed to assess the demographics, lifestyle, attitudes, habits, and product preferences of the FEMALE running population nationwide. More than 14,000 runners responded to the survey and represent "core runners"; that is active adult FEMALE participants who tend to enter running events and train year round.

The Women's National Runner Survey measures: Demographics, Sports Participation, Running History & Routine, Shoes, Events, Community Resources, Sports Apparel, Sponsor Recall, Health & Diet, Technology, Sports & Fitness Products, Food & Drink, and Travel.

Find answers to these questions and more:

  • What motivates you to run?
  • What is your favorite race distance?
  • What events have you entered in the last 2 years?
  • How often do you run? How far? When? Where?
  • What types of running-related injuries have you experienced?
  • What brand of running shoes do you wear?
  • What are your favorite brands of sports apparel?
  • Are you likely to travel overnight to run an event?
  • What sponsors do you associate with running events?
  • Who are the most recognized running personalities?

And MORE....Results provided for more than 75 questions! PLUS, data segmented by runner type including serious/competitive, frequent/fitness, and jogger/recreational.

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The 2013 National Runner Survey (male and female respondents) is also available.

2014 Women's National Runner Survey


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