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2017 Board of Directors Election


This Year's Election

The Governance and Election Committee has reviewed the bylaws and in keeping with them, recommends presenting general voting members a slate of board nominees.  Seven names will be presented and write in options will be available.


The Running USA Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is composed of 17 individuals, 15 of them elected by the membership and two (2) of them appointed by USA Track & Field. Of the 15 elected positions:

Six (6) must be held by representatives of event members;

Six (6) must be held by representatives of corporate members; and

Three (3) are at-large positions, open to representatives of any member and to non-members.


Director Terms

Directors serve for terms of two years. The terms of those Directors elected this year will commence on July 1, 2017. Terms are staggered, with approximately half of the elected positions open each year.


The Current Board

The terms of the following Directors will expire this year:

Mike Schmitz
Beth Salinger
Virginia Brophy Achman
Faron Kelley
Steve Mazza
Tony Reed
Iris Simpson Bush



2017 Election Timeline

April 27 Nomination period opens
May 5 Deadline for making nominations
May 16-31 Communicate voting process to members
June 1 Recommended slate of names announced
June 1 Voting opens
June 8 Voting closes (midnight ET)
June 15 Results announced



Each member of Running USA is entitled to one ballot and may vote for the slate recommended by the Governance and Finance Committee. If the member does not support the offered slate, the member will then have the option to vote for any or none of the offered names and write-in a nominee(s) they choose up to seven open positions.


The Nomination Process - NOMINATIONS NOW CLOSED

The Running USA Governance and Elections Committee is excited to announce a change in the election of board members this year. With the full support of the Running USA Board of Directors, this year's election will have a recommended slate of candidates. 


This change in procedure will create a more streamlined election, allowing the board to target and fill open positions with individuals who can help Running USA strengthen and grow strategically, especially in areas of need. Adding individuals with needed skill sets to our already talented board will only strengthen the organization and our offerings to our members. 


As the Governance and Elections Committee weighs potential candidates, we encourage all members to submit an application (linked below) if you are interested in becoming a board member or have an individual you'd like to nominate. 


Download the Application (Word Doc)


All applications are due by Monday, May 15 at 12pm ET and should be submitted to Running USA Director of Communications Scott Bush at


Voting opens for this year's Board of Directors election on June 1, closes on June 8 and results will be announced on June 15. If you have any questions, please reach out to Scott via email or call at 503-704-7169.


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