Save on Shipping with PartnerShip®

Receive exclusive discounts with this new Running USA member benefit

Running USA is excited to announce a new benefit program offered in cooperation with NSRA and PartnerShip® that can help your business save big on shipping costs.
This benefit is an affiliate program, which means you will have to join the National Shoe Retailers Association (NSRA) as an Affiliate at the cost of $35 per site (outgoing shipping location). NSRA welcomes all sports businesses to join and receive the benefits of this group discount, which are summarized below.

This benefit can help you save on your shipping needs for pre and post-event supplies and materials, such as awards, shirts, equipment, finish line setup, timing gear, and anything else you can think of.Use your discounts on both event, trade show and everyday shipments – both events and vendors can take advantage of this program.
There are two forms you must fill out to take advantage of this program. Please email Leah Etling for verification of membership and they will be sent to you.
Take advantage of these savings opportunities:

» Save on small package shipping on select services from FedEx Express, FedEx Ground, and FedEx Home Delivery®
» Save on standard and guaranteed LTL freight shipments with UPS Freight, YRC Freight, and others
» Competitive rates on full and partial truckload shipments using quality national and specialized carriers
» Taking full advantage of this benefit could save you thousands!


FedEx Express
    » Next-business-day envelopes
    » Next-business day, 2-and 3-business day packages
    » International shipments
  FedEx Ground
      Discounts on Inbound Collect, Outbound Prepaid, Third Party Billing, & Bill Recipient
      Multiweight Pricing
    This cost-saving pricing option is for multiple package shipments going to the same
    recipient on the same day. Packages are rated individually and as one shipment. You pay
    the lower rate!
      Discounts on Outbound Prepaid, Third Party Billing, & FedEx Home Delivery services
FedEx Office
    » Select black & white and color print and copy services
    » Signs, graphics and select finishing services
    » Inbound and outbound
    » Standard, expedited and guaranteed services
    » Tradeshow / exhibit shipping
    » Full and partial truckloads
    » Dry van, flat bed, and refrigerated

PartnerShip’s Inbound Shipping Management tools ensure your orders from suppliers are delivered by your preferred carriers at your discounted rate, providing you with the best savings. 

There are no minimum shipping requirements.