Race Events Generate Revenue with New Hassle Free “Snap Up” Program Powered by BibBoards

San Ramon, California - BibBoards, Inc. (“BibBoards”), a leading athletics company focused on both consumer and business channels, today announced its SNAP-UPTM program. This new opt-in system lets races and other events “snap up” pure profit effortlessly. SNAP-UPTM also deepens participant loyalty and satisfaction. Racers will win too, because they get to #SaveTheShirt with BibBoards® safety pin replacements that have been emblazoned with the desirable logos of events they love to run.


Events can see immediate bottom line impact. They get a 15% revenue share on all sales of BibBoards containing the event’s logo, fulfilled through customized discount codes. All it takes is one email.


For an event to opt-in, and license it’s logo to BibBoards all you do is email the event logo to print it onto its patented BibBoards® fasteners, and publicize your Event Logo’d BibBoards designs for sale. This will also increase event visibility via our event search tab. BibBoards will then provide the event with a race specific discount code, which the event can share and publicize in its marketing efforts. On a periodic basis (e.g., every 30 days), the event receives payment for its revenue share.


“We’ve listened to the event industry, and we know that event directors don’t have huge budgets and sometimes none at all so partnerships have to be win-win, no-risk, and no-brainers,” said Brian Goodell, president of BibBoards. “Our SNAP-UPTM program is just that. Send us an email, tell your participants about your discount code, and then sit back and collect the revenue. Let us do the fulfillment work.”


Goodell noted that other benefits of SNAP-UPTM include racers wearing the logos of participating events at other events – racers show other racers, making for year round free marketing. BibBoards® are also collectable, and the chance to add race memorabilia to the collection incentivizes participants to attend the next year’s event.


About the BibBoards® Product


BibBoards® is a patented two-piece lightweight race bib fastener with space for either stock or custom imagery. Racers love them. They are safer and easier to use than safety pins, and won’t feel heavy or cling like magnets do. They are perfect for runners and their clubs who want to race in their own custom logo, for race directors looking for new sponsorship channels, or for companies seeking to increase brand awareness within eye-catching “bricks and mortar” ad space. They are also available wholesale for retail stores. Consumers can place custom orders through www.bibboards.com, or purchase any of several existing fun designs through that website or Amazon.com.


About BibBoards, Inc.

BibBoards, Inc. is a leading USA athletics company primarily focused on ridding the world of unsafe safety pins through the development and distribution of innovative BibBoards® racing bib fasteners. BibBoards’ highly skilled team maximizes consumer race experiences, and enables new and exciting non-virtual marketing opportunities for races and companies. BibBoards’ state of the art technology and responsive fulfillment team let it create and (if needed) rush-deliver anywhere in the USA custom BibBoards orders containing any lawful imagery fitting on the product’s lightweight front surface.