Gichia and Kimining Winners of Festive 40th Göteborgsvarvet Half Marathon


GOTHENBERG, Sweden (May 19, 2019)- Almost 80 000 runners entered seven different races during Göteborgsvarvet week as the popular Swedish running event, a Running USA member, marked its 40th anniversary year..

"In the elite field there were lots of good runners and good times for the winners on a pretty tough course," said Mattias Grahn, communications director for the event..

Perfect weather conditions, tailwind on Hisingen island and, as usual, a huge supporter crowd cheering for the runners. Those were the circumstances when Göteborgsvarvet celebrated its 40th year anniversary with another festive half marathon.

In the elite field there were a handful competitive and world-class long-distance runners. All was set for an interesting elite race, and indeed it became something very thrilling also this year.

In the women’s class we witnessed a phenomenal duel between Cynthia Jerop, Kenya, and Tabitha Gichia, Kenya, here Gichia became the first to cross the finish line after an impressive sprint during the last kilometres. Her finish time was 01.08,18.

In the men’s class Shadrack Kimining defended his victory from last year by some very strong last kilometres. His finish time, 1.00,38. Second place came Jirius Birech, Kenya and third place, Moses Kurong, Uganda.

Göteborgsvarvet Half Marathon was also the Swedish Championship in Half Marathon and in that national competition the winners were Charlotta Fougberg and Robel Fsiha

Next year, the 41st edition of Göteborgsvarvet Half Marathon, is set for May 16th, 2020.

Find the full race results here:

Photo: Glenn T Unger / Göteborgsvarvet Half Marathon