Kudos joins forces with Chicago’s F3 Events for upcoming races


Runners will have access to Kudos’ medal-display kit at the F^3 Lake Half Marathon and 5K presented by Physicians Immediate Care


CHICAGO, January 22, 2019 – Kudos continues to expand its presence in the Chicago running community with a partnership with F3 Events. As part of the agreement, select registrants are receiving Kudos’ unique, patent-pending medal-display kit as part of their participation in the 10th annual F^3 Lake Half Marathon and 5K presented by Physicians Immediate Care. Kudos will also offer the kit to finishers looking to celebrate their accomplishment on race day, Saturday, January 26. 


The Kudos Coaster is a do-it-yourself coaster and kit designed to display race medals. Users place their medal of choice inside the coaster and can switch it out with others at their convenience. More compact and less expensive than wall-mounted frames, the product combines form and function to securely fit most medal shapes and sizes, and can also be used to display race photos or other cherished keepsake items.


“The Kudos team was running this half marathon long before the Kudos Coaster existed,” said Kudos President and CEO Ryan DeBoer. “We know how challenging the conditions can be, and we’re thrilled to offer our product to finishers hoping to commemorate their achievement.” 


F3 Events was established in 2009, and the first F^3 Lake Half Marathon occurred in January 2010 with 100 runners. The race has grown exponentially since then and is now held at Soldier Field, with the United Club used for indoor gear check and race preparation. Register at www.f3running.com.


“F3 is fortunate to have outstanding partners from the Chicagoland area and beyond, and we’re excited to have Kudos join as a sponsor,” said Race Director Zach Edmonson. “Their medal-display kit is completely unique in the industry, allowing runners to celebrate their finish year-round in a functional and simple way. Kudos’ involvement in this year’s F^3 will make the runner experience even more enjoyable.”


The Kudos Coaster was created as a better way to store and feature race medals. Over the last six years, DeBoer developed the product into its current form which includes a clear, removable acrylic top and a polyurethane base providing stability and grip. Colored Tru-Fit inserts allow users to pick a backdrop that complements their medal, and the inserts can be removed to accommodate medals of varying thicknesses.



About Kudos

Kudos, a registered trademark of RLRD, LLC, helps people share, preserve and display their memorable accomplishments with pride. The company approaches old things in new ways by producing inexpensive, quality-built products that combine form and function. For more visit www.kudos2u.com.