Running Startup Miro AI Wins AT SXSW

AUSTIN, TEXAS – Miro AI, the global leader in Artificial Intelligence (AI) for endurance sports, was crowned the winner of the Sports & Performance category SXSW Pitch! 2019.

Selected from 853 pitch candidates, Miro AI & five other startups from around the world were invited to Austin, TX to compete.

“Being selected as a finalist for the SXSW Pitch was such as big deal to us that we brought the entire team to Austin,” said co-founder Taylor Host.

“Late nights fine tuning our presentation and eating a lot of BBQ paid off when they announced Miro as the winner. Even better that we had the opportunity to celebrate with the entire team on stage at the biggest pitch competition in the world.”

Recently, Miro published its first North America Shoe Brand Report for Q4 of 2018. Data was collected from 150,000 participants at 33 events across the United States. Unsurprisingly, women make up the majority of participant pool at 60.7%. As for shoe brnds, 24.7% of the sample size wear Brooks on race day, giving them the top spot ahead of Nike (#2) and Asics (#3).

“Gender and shoe data are just the tip of the iceberg,” said Miro AI COO Evan Kroft. “We deliver custom insights to enable 1:1 communication for several of our brand and retail partners.” Within the shoe report, Miro provides a sampling of these capabilities, highlighting the age, gender, and running performance as it relates to each shoe brand on the list.

“Capturing this type of information from an environment as complex as a marathon is traditionally difficult. With each passing day our capabilities grow exponentially and we are thrilled to harness the power of AI for an industry we love,” said Taylor. “Just wait until you see what else is coming in 2019!”

Download the Q4 North America shoe report at

Background Information
Who is Miro?

With offices in the U.S. and Asia, Miro AI is a team of nerds and sports enthusiasts. Founded in 2017, Miro AI has analyzed over 8.5 Million bodies across 450+ races that stretch the globe. In addition to the win at the SXSW Pitch competition, their technology recently earned the inaugural Innovation Award at Mass Participation Asia’s 2018 conference in Singapore.

How does Miro’s AI technology work?

Their first product, RunnerTag (AthleteID), accelerates the speed at which participants receive their race photos. In some cases, their personal gallery is ready even before the race is over! Utilizing AI, within seconds, Miro is able to identify all legible bib numbers from the photos/video being captured already by an event’s professional photographer. This drives greater engagement, increases sponsorship exposure, delivers more photo purchases, and creates a remarkable athlete experience.

Miro’s expansive database and proprietary methods have led to several exciting product evolutions:

ShoeID is the extraction of brand and other unique insights into the shoe’s athletes choose to wear at an event. These insights arm events with information for sponsors, validate a brand’s marketing spend, and provide rich data for improving targeted marketing capabilities.

BrandID unlocks even greater insights for Miro’s partners, with the ability to identify the type and brand of equipment/garments being worn by athletes. This has led to
custom projects for some of the world’s biggest athletic brands & retailers looking to understand more about their consumers.

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