The Boilermaker Road Race Partners with Outside Interactive to Bring a Simulated Boilermaker 15K Race Day Experience to Your Living Room



First Person Race Day Filming Will Allow Treadmill Runners Around the World to Interactively See The Course, Feel The Hills and Share In The Race Experience On-Demand


Hopkinton, MA (April 18th, 2019) Outside Interactive, a Hopkinton, MA based developer of forward motion video technology for indoor exercising, today announced it is partnering with the Boilermaker Road Race (Utica, NY) to create a simulated race-day experience of the 2019 course. This simulation will enable treadmill runners to enjoy and train on the world famous course virtually and on-demand, no matter where they are in the world, all from a treadmill, using an iPad® or Android® tablet.


“Since 1978, the Boilermaker has been challenging runners of all abilities, offering the chance at being part of one of the most famous races in the country”, stated Gary McNamee, Outside Interactive’s President and Founder. “We look forward to capturing the sights and sounds of race day, with its spectators, electricity and excitement, on this fun and scenic course so it can be shared with the world expanding the race’s global reach.”   


“Our community is incredibly proud of the Boilermaker as is evidenced by the tradition of our spectators who line the course from Start to Finish, our army of over 4,000 loyal volunteers, a wide array of local businesses who provide crucial sponsorship, and the largest post-race party in distance running. While we have hosted over 300,000 runners from 50 countries and virtually every state in the US including elite and Olympic athletes earning us the title of the best 15K in the US, we do it with a small town feel. We are always looking for innovative ways to share the Boilermaker Experience to a larger audience.” stated Mark Donovan, Boilermaker President. “We were thrilled to discover Outside Interactive and their simulator race day technology. Giving runners the ability to actually see the course as they would run it, at their pace on race day, even feeling the hills, and of course, experiencing our unique community spirit at the same time, and on-demand, it was a no brainer. We look forward to sharing the sights and sounds of the Boilermaker with runners around the world and encourage them, after they’ve experienced our event virtually, to come to Utica on the 2nd Sunday in July to experience it live.”          


Exclusive footage will be shot the day of this year’s race on Sunday, July 14th, during the live event.  Footage is shot from a runner’s perspective to produce a high-definition video that allows treadmill runners to interactively run the simulated race course with their iPad® or Android® tablet, with cheering spectators lining the roads, when inclement weather, travel, or deployment prevent being on the course itself.


Through the use of its state-of-the-art cameras, filming, and editing techniques, the HD virtual-course videos, shot from the runner’s point of view, are made interactive to the runner’s pace through its use with Outside Interactive’s downloadable app called “Virtual Runner,” available for Windows®, iPad® and Android® platforms.


About Outside Interactive

Outside Interactive is a Hopkinton, MA developer of Virtual Runner, a revolutionary patented forward motion technology solution featuring famous race courses, popular running routes and scenic destinations, all shot in HD from a runner’s point of view. Founded in 2011 by Gary McNamee, a lifelong Boston resident, avid runner and serial entrepreneur, Gary developed Virtual Runner after becoming bored on the treadmill and frustrated with not being able to train properly in New England’s unpredictable and often harsh weather. For more information, visit


About the Boilermaker Road Race


The Boilermaker 15K Road Race was established in 1978 by Earle C. Reed. Reed was looking for a way to give back to the community that had supported his family's business, Utica Radiator (ECR International). Earle convinced his father Bob Reed, President of Utica Radiator, and the company's Treasurer Jim Benson, to underwrite a new local long-distance road race, subsequently dubbed "The Boilermaker." With additional assistance from F.X. Matt II, president of F.X. Matt Brewing Company, the first race was run on July 16, 1978. Earle Reed served as Race Director from 1978-2000, Bob Ingalls from 2001-2007, and Jim Stasaitis took the race over in 2008.

It wasn't the first local road race, but it quickly became the most popular. The Boilermaker continues to strive to be the best 15K race in the United States, attracting athletes and fans from all over the world. The race began with 876 runners and a budget of $750. Now in its 42nd year, the Boilermaker draws more than 19,000 competitors and sponsors at support levels of $5,000 and up. The organization has also expanded upon its mission to play the role of catalyst in improving the physical and emotional well-being of the community through its Boilermaker Community Outreach activities and programming. For more information, please visit: