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Running USA is creating and aggregating content on the returning of member running events around the U.S., including documentation like operations plans, state and city guidelines, and case studies on past events. If you have a story to share or a document to submit, please reach out to, director of marketing and communications, for next steps.


Virtual Race Camp: Resuming Live Events in Minneapolis

On Sept. 3, three members of the Twin Cities in Motion team (Virginia Brophy Achman, Eli Asch and Ed Whetham) briefed over 120 industry peers on their first in-person race held since the pandemic began. The first MNy 250 Series event had less than 225 participants.

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Check out the Minnesota statewide guidelines

A Guide for Participants: Are Running Events Safe?

Published: Sept. 11, 2020

Lonnie Somers of HAL Sports authored this guide specifically for running event participants who may have questions about their health and safety as events begin to resume.

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Moving Forward in Minnesota

Published: Sept. 9, 2020

In July, Grandma’s Marathon of Duluth, Minn. held its first race since COVID-19 halted most road racing nationwide. “Our city approved it, and it went fantastic,” said Shane Bauer, executive director. Grandma’s Marathon produces a year-round schedule of a dozen running and walking events in normal times, including its flagship race, Grandma’s Marathon.

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Q&A: A Proactive Approach to Resuming Events in Indiana

Published: Sept. 3, 2020

The Indiana Sports Corp’s Indy Ultimate was in the streets of Indianapolis in late July. Race director Caleb Kolby answered questions about the planning and operations process.

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Case Study: NYC Runs Holds First Race in Six Months

Published: Sept. 2, 2020

Founder and CEO Steve Lastoe shares his takeaways from the event with Running USA and even more importantly, his operations plan

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Event Producer Takeaways: Lonnie Somers, HAL Sports

Published: Sept. 3, 2020

"Reviewing the events we have done, things have gone exceptionally well. Here are takeaways that hopefully will be useful if you plan to execute an in-person event during the pandemic," writes Running USA board member Somers, co-founder of HAL (Healthy, Active, Living) Sports in Denver.

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Stepping Up for a Return to Smart, Scalable Events in Colorado

Updated: Aug. 14, 2020

Industry veterans Andrea Dowdy and Creigh Kelley worked with Colorado officials to create COVID-era event guidelines, taking care to make them practical and useful to events nationwide. On Friday, August 14, Creigh Kelley shared that the final guidelines had been approved by Denver officials.

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Making a Case for the Cape Cod Marathon

Published: Aug. 5, 2020

Ultimately, the Cape Cod Marathon was not approved. This article was written several days before the final Town Council meeting that determined the event would pivot to virtual.

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Additional Known In-Person Events

Marine Corps Marathon's Aug. 22 races for 300 people: