Running USA Webinars

Running USA offers regular webinars as a way to inform and educate the industry about trends, happenings and best practices. These online presentations feature expert presenters from a variety of areas in the industry and last between 45-60 minutes, with the opportunity for audience members to ask questions at the conclusion of the presentation.

Past webinar presentations are stored here for Running USA members to view on demand. For more information on presenting a future Running USA webinar, please reach out to Christine Bowen, vice president of programming, partnerships and operations.

Upcoming Webinars

Running USA Webinar: What you need to know NOW about event insurance

Join Running USA and Nathan Nicholas of the Nicholas Hill Group for an update on the most relevant information about event cancellation and event liability/participant accident insurance. You know there are unique exposures specific to running events - but do you know how to solve for them with the right insurance policy? Learn what's new and how you can best protect your event and your business.
Date and time: March 14 at 11am PST/2pm EST
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Recordings of Past Webinars

Running USA and imATHLETE Data Insight Webinar No. 5:  Comp Codes and How Events Use Them

The fifth webinar in the Running USA + imATHLETE Data Insight Series, with presenter Jeff Matlow of imATHLETE. 
This webinar continues the popular series that kicked off in 2018 and has been highly valuable for endurance events seeking to improve their business by better using their own data and adopting industry best practices. Jeff's last webinar focused on discount codes and what you are doing wrong, and this presentation will focus on comp codes. Are you using them right? 
Find the webinar presentation here

Running USA + events locker Webinar:  5 Ways to Maximize Expo Value

A look at best practices that will add value to your expo from Running USA expo partner events locker. The session, presented by Michael Bleau, CEO and director of events locker, covers floor plan design, setting expo hours, exhibitor support, bib pickup strategy and exhibitor communication and logistics best practices. Audience Q+A will be offered at the conclusion of the presentation.
Presenter: Michael Bleau, CEO and director of events locker
View the webinar presentation here.

Running USA + imATHLETE Data Insight Webinar no. 4: Discount codes and what you're doing wrong

Discount codes are one way to motivate runners to sign up for your event. But use them incorrectly and you could be giving away thousands of dollars in revenue. In the latest Data Insight Series webinar, Jeff Matlow of IMATHLETE shares the scoop on what you're doing wrong and how to use discount codes effectively, encouraging registration while maximizing revenue.
View the webinar presentation here.

Running USA + Leslie Jordan Webinar: Apparel Tips and Techniques

This webinar focused on how to optimize your race day apparel for runner satisfaction and retention and was be presented by the owner and team members of Portland-based Leslie Jordan, Inc., longtime industry apparel vendor Leslie Jordan. Jordan’s presentation speaks to  tips and techniques to powerfully brand your event. and effectively partner with an apparel vendor for mutual success. 

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Running USA + imATHLETE Data Insight Webinar: Registration Patterns for Local vs. Out-of-Town Runners

Distance from the event influences when participants will register. It is easier to get loyalty from local participants, but more economic impact for participants who travel. 
This webinar answers questions like:
* When are people most likely to register based on how far they are from the event location?
* Do travelers register earlier or later?
* How does registration differ based on the distance of the event AND the travel time?
* When are the best times to focus on local advertising? 
Presenter: Jeff Matlow, CEO of imATHLETE
Recording and presentation

Running USA + imATHLETE Data Insight Webinar No. 2: How Far Will Runners Travel to Participate in Your Event?

This webinar will focus on runners’ travel habits and preferences for races of all distances and seasons. More details .
Presenter: Jeff Matlow, CEO of imATHLETE
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Running USA + imATHLETE Data Insight Webinar No. 1: Retention Rates and Strategies

Understanding average participant retention rates in the endurance industry, what it means to your business and ways you can get people back.
Presenter: Jeff Matlow, CEO of imATHLETE
Date: May 23, 2018

Event Insurance Webinar Presentation
Event Insurance Webinar Presentation
This presentation was featured in an April 2018 webinar from Running USA and the Nicholas Hill Group, which is a resource for Running USA members for event insurance. The presentation covers types of event insurance, cancellation risk factors, and other points to consider when selecting an event insurance plan.