Fifth Class (2008)

Anne Audain

Olympian, Race Founder

Anne Audain is New Zealand’s gift to U.S. running. Re-constructive surgery at age 13 was necessary for her to walk correctly. Three years later, she qualified for the 1972 Munich Olympic Games in the 1500 meters. The six-time Olympic qualifier also won gold (3000m) and silver (10,000m) medals at the Commonwealth Games – Australia 1982, Scotland 1986.

During the 1980s, Anne won more U.S. road races (75) than any other male or female runner, but she was more than just a “runner”. She became a teacher because she believed in giving children the self-esteem necessary to reach their goals and dreams.

Today, Anne relies on her running experiences and other accomplishments to teach through her motivational speaking and other activities. On top of these achievements she created one of the jewels of our industry by founding the “Celebration 5K” in Boise, Idaho (1993) now the largest run /walk for women in the USA.

Running USA Hall of Champions Award Winners - Anne Audain

David Hannah

Founder, Houston Marathon

If ever anyone really understood the importance and power of community it is David Hannah. He was also significantly responsible for the founding of Running USA. He manages to blend two very difficult attributes. He has the single-minded determination to make a decision and go out and get something done while at the same time he has the leadership to get people to follow him with eager affection.

Running USA Hall of Champions Award Winners - David Hannah

Linda Honikman

Statistician, Researcher

Together with husband Basil, Linda Honikman devoted 30 years of service to Running as event director, statistician, record keeper, and was one of the founders of Running USA.

Running USA Hall of Champions Award Winners - Linda Honikman

Basil Honikman

CEO, Running USA (retired)

Together with wife Linda, Basil Honikman has 30 years of service to the running industry as an event director, statistician, record keeper, USA World Cross Country Team Manager and Olympic Trials referee. He is one of the founders and retired CEO of Running USA as well as a Team Running USA founder.

Running USA Hall of Champions Award Winners - Basil Honikman

Wally Kastner

Big Sur International Marathon

Wally Kastner was a member of the first Running USA Board of Directors and continues to be a valued supporter. He directs a marathon in one of the most magnificent settings. If you thought that given the scenery success was guaranteed you be wrong. Great events require great leadership, imagination, meticulous planning and diplomacy. Shutting down US 1 and dealing with the Dept of Transportation and promoting an event in the Pebble Beach area, one of golf's main strongholds probably required a magician. In taking the Big Sur International Marathon from a very good event to on of the jewels of American running, Wally Kastner has shown all these qualities and his induction brings added luster to the Hall of Champions.

Running USA Hall of Champions Award Winners - Wally Kastner

Craig Masback

CEO & Administrator, USATF

Few deserve the accolade of “brilliant” more than Craig Masback. And not only because in the good old amateur days he once won a goat in a race in Europe. These were the pre-TSA airport security days so he could have brought it back to the U.S. He was one of America’s greatest milers – 3:52. A Rhodes Scholar, attorney and outstanding track & field TV commentator, the Princeton grad brought many talents to athletics. 10 years ago, Craig Masback took over as CEO of a troubled USATF. He built it steadily to the force it is today. Notwithstanding political pressure he managed to keep distance running on the radar. He too was a founder of Running USA, and he had the vision to see that the industry needed a national organization and magically provided money to help Running USA get started. Now he moves to a new career and will bring his considerable abilities to Nike.

Running USA Hall of Champions Award Winners - Craig Masback

Larry Rawson

TV Commentator

At the 1974 Boston Marathon, Larry Rawson corrected the announcer after he had made several factual errors on local radio, and as a result, was offered a chance to be part of the coverage over the air. For 34 years he has been one of our leading and marathon analysts. At a time when the usual uninformed TV anchor would make an unprepared and gratuitous mess of a running broadcast, Larry's insight and knowledge, transmitted our sport and its special allure to millions.An Emmy Award winner, his credits include Olympic Track & Field Trials, the NCAA Track and Field Championships, Boston and New York City Marathons, World Track and Field Championships and the Olympic Games. In 1991 he was part of the ESPN team that produced "Outside the Lines: Steroids -- Whatever it Takes", the award winning team that brought serious attention to performance enhancing drugs. His lifelong love of running blossomed at Boston College where he graduate with degrees in business and English set a New England college record in the mile and became a member of the BC Athletic Hall of Fame.

Running USA Hall of Champions Award Winners - Larry Rawson


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