Fourth Class (2007)

Judy & Dennis Ikenberry

Race Central

To produce results for at least 90 races each year, Judy Ilkenberry, and her husband Dennis said good-bye to cozy sleep-ins long, long ago. More than 90 times a year, they crawl out of bed well before sunrise, set up equipment, brief volunteers, enter last minute registrations, start timers, capture every runner’s performance and then deal gently with a multitude of questions and demands. Then when all the runners have gone and the fun is over comes clean up and pack up and then drive home. It can truly be said the Judy and Dennis Ikenberry have created documented memories and evidence of achievement for thousands of runners for a very long time.

Running USA Hall of Champions Award Winners - Judy Ikenberry

Alan Jones

Inventor/Software Creator

Alan Jones ran cross country in high school and college (Penn State) in the 1950s. He scored his first cross country meet via computer in 1970 using a $4000 terminal and a $1,000,000 computer at the State University of New York (SUNY) at Binghamton. He continued to write programs for scoring running races and in 1982 wrote his first program for the IBM Personal Computer, Running Score, and in 1985 released RunScore. This program has been continually updated over the years. He is also the inventor of the Jones/Oerth counter, which is the only official device for measuring road racecourses around the world. It has been used for Olympic Marathons since 1976. He has B.S. and M.S. degrees from Penn State in engineering and a Ph.D. from Purdue. After a 26-year career with IBM, he joined the faculty at SUNY Binghamton in the Geology Department where he writes educational programs about earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. His programs are part of the Geology, Gems and Minerals exhibit at the National Museum of Natural History of the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC. Today, RunScore is probably the most widely used race scoring software in the world.

Running USA Hall of Champions Award Winners - Alan Jones

Tom Raynor

Fleet Feet

Tom Raynor was a pretty good professional athlete in the ‘80s with 10Ks somewhere in the 28-minute range. From fleet feet to Fleet Feet – in 1993, he purchased Fleet Feet Inc. He became the ultimate running retail coach. According to the July 2003 issue of Footwear News, he transformed what was a team of underperforming running specialty shops into an all-star lineup. In 1993, the average franchise store in the 27-year-old, 37-unit company was pulling in only $260,000 a year. As president and CEO, he spent his first four years reorganizing and revamping 20 of the original stores. By 2003, there were 48 stores located in 22 states, and the average sales per store are $756,000. Today, there are about 75 stores in 34 states and Fleet Feet is clearly the leading brand in running specialty retail.

Running USA Hall of Champions Award Winners - Tom Raynor

Bart Yasso

Chief Runner, Runner's World

Bart Yasso has one of the most impressive endurance sports resumes of any athlete. Five Ironmans, solo unsupported bike ride across the U.S. in 22 days (155 miles per day), Badwater 146 Ultra and 150 marathons. But by itself this record is not enough to get into the Hall of Champions. He is America’s running ambassador. He has brought the joy of our sport to countless people. As the race and event promotion director at Runner’s World, Bart has traveled to most of the marathons in America helping new and old comers achieve success and fulfillment through leading groups and presenting seminars that emphasize the sometimes hidden joys of our sport.

Running USA Hall of Champions Award Winners - Bart Yasso


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