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April 19, 2017

Greenlayer can help meet you where you’re at in terms of need, timeline and cost


GreenlayerEvent shirts matter. Time and time again it’s proven that runners are more motivated to participate in races in which they receive something they deem to be of value. This is where the event shirts come in—they need to be cool and they need to be quality. 


At a recent race in New Jersey, The Montclair Bread Bakers Dozen 13.1, our theory on the importance of race schwag came full circle. Greenlayer provided branded long sleeve half-zip tech shirts for each Montclair race participant. The feedback from this full race? Overwhelmingly positive. 


“For our races in general we try to find a premium shirt that will be the first thing that runners pull out of their drawer to put on when they go out for a run. Often times these shirts are donated to charity after race day—we didn’t want that,” said Rachael Crampsey, Head Baker of Montclair Baking Company. “As this was our first foray into half marathons, we wanted something nicer, so we chose the half-zip from Greenlayer. It’s been about a month since our race and you still can’t go out without seeing someone wearing our half-zip!”


Montclair’s race capitalized on the full benefits of a well-designed, high quality tee—it even became a point of marketing. Attendees are now walking billboards for Montclair race and Montclair Bread Company every time they choose to wear it again on a run. While event shirts are an investment, when quality is up and cost is kept down, revenue can be maximized while increasing runner satisfaction and marketing potential. Greenlayer can help meet you where you’re at in terms of need, timeline and cost, while creating fully customized event shirts to match the look, feel, and budget of your event. 


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