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Leslie Jordan, Inc.
May 17, 2017

Race Directors are clearly looking to give an item that stands out, gets used, and is memorable


In 30 years manufacturing custom running apparel for events nationwide, we have seen all of the trends. 


Lately, we see a shift to accessory items for race day giveaways yielding increased event revenue from apparel sales at your events’ expo. Specifically: Smaller, multi-use souvenir style items that runners and participants can use year round. From Bags, Hats & Socks, to Scarves, Flip Flops and PJ’s, it looks like the fastest growing category in event swag are custom novelties packed with fun and innovation.


Leslie Jordan Inc.


Race Directors are clearly looking to give an item that stands out, gets used, and is memorable. We’ve listened, watched and responded by offering a larger variety of interesting custom accessory items.


We also find that Race Directors are always looking for new opportunities to generate brand interest (while increasing revenue opportunities through Merchandise).


By giving away accessory items, the pathway to increased merchandise apparel sales is opened because these items are the perfect way to bridge the gap between swag and expo merch. Race Directors tell us they have seen increased expo apparel sales when accessories items are given away to runners.


For those events with Anniversary Years we see a lot of high ticket items with a higher perceived value (such as quarter zips and premium outerwear). In response we’ve been inspired to boost our outerwear lines with a new selection of styles and looks, for both Race Day and Expo Merchandise. 


Of course, as with all trends & fads, the elements at play come full circle, that is why t-shirts, including casual ‘athleisure’ blends (also trending) will always be available with new innovative revitalized variations.


Leslie Jordan Inc.


Stay tuned to June Spotlight where we will debut some of our new FALL items.


Independently woman owned and operated since 1986, Leslie Jordan Inc. is committed to providing strong personalized customer service, a key factor to the company’s growth and success.  Leslie adds “We are more than just a supplier, we become their event partner - helping our customers with their racing needs from start to finish”.


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