Running USA Committees


Standing committees as of June 2017. If you have any questions, please reach out to Running USA Director of Communications Leah Etling at


Audit, Budget and Finance Committee

Review and accept the annual audited statements, management letter, auditor letter and recommendations to the Board of Directors and to oversee the system of internal control of the corporation. Oversee the investments of the corporation and to advise the Board of Directors on investment matters.

Members: Gary Schwake, Jack Staph, Tony Reed

Staff: Rich Harshbarger

Chair: Lonnie Somers


Governance and Elections Committee

Provide on-going evaluation of the organization’s governance structure to ensure the most efficient ways to conduct business and establish accountability, to consult and mentor members serving in governance positions, to assume the nominating function and evaluation of the board, to review the bylaws periodically and initiate board training for newly elected directors. Conduct the annual process of director elections including the call for nominees, vetting the candidates, determine the election cycle, establish the vehicle for voting, tally the ballots, verify elected individuals are willing to serve and announce the results of voting.

Members: Iris Simpson, Renee Washington, Jack Staph, Brian Lively, Matt West, Virginia Brophy-Achman, Bill Roe, General Counsel, Gary Schwake

Staff: Rich Harshbarger

Chairs: Beth Salinger


Membership Committee

Grow Running USA by creating and implementing recruitment and retention programs to increase and maintain membership.

Members:  Mike Coleman, Jeff Matlow, John Connors, Heidi Swartz, Gary Schwake, Bryan Lively, Weston Thom

Staff: Rich Harshbarger, Brian Lyons

Chair: Matt West


Awards Committee

Annually create and implement the process for selecting the Alan Steinfeld Development Award, youth award recipients, the Women’s Trailblazer and the Hall of Champions inductees and serve as ambassadors to the winners during the annual conference.

Members: Lonnie Somers, Dimity McDowell, Iris Simpson Bush, Tracy Sundlun, Gary Schwake, Bill Roe

Staff: Rich Harshbarger, Leah Etling, Christine Bowen

Chair: Iris Simpson Bush


Strategic Planning

Identify long-term goals and objectives for the organization and engage the committees to provide action steps in the fulfillment of the adopted strategic plan. Grow the sport of road and trail racing by providing a national platform that embraces the professional athlete and the youth to follow in their footsteps. Develop and implement pertinent and reliable news and research while evaluating such products and activities as potential revenue streams for the organization. Work with the Running USA staff to maintain the Social Media and Research Calendar.

Members: Jeff Matlow, Mike Coleman, Faron Kelley, Gary Schwake, Tracy Sundlun, Max Siegel, Virginia Brophy Achman, Stuart Weiss, Heidi Swartz, Brian Lively, Dimity McDowell

Staff: Rich Harshbarger

Chair: Lonnie Somers


Conference Committee

Plan and organize the Running USA conference(s).

Members: Mike Riley, Mike Coleman, Donna Grogan, Creigh Kelley, Danny Bourgeois, Gary Schwake, Heidi Swartz, Troy Schooley

Staff: All Staff

Chair: Christine Bowen


Fundraising Committee

Serve as a resource for philanthropically giving to the organization including silent and live auction item procurement.  Provide insightful recommendations for new sponsor targets. Enhance the organizations’ product line by developing new revenue streams.

Members: Faron Kelley, Iris Simpson Bush, Max Siegel, Steve Mazza, Gary Schwake

Staff: Rich Harshbarger

Chair: Bryan Lively


Compensation Committee

Members: Lonnie Somers, Jack Staph, Mike Coleman, Gary Schwake


Technology Committee

Members: Mike Coleman, Lonnie Sommers, Jeff Matlow, Tony Reed, Gary Schwake, Danny Bourgeois, Dimity McDowell

Staff: All Staff

Chair: Brian Lyons


Content Committee

New ways to educate Running USA members with year-round content

Members: Gary Schwake, Sarah Ratzlaff, Tony Reed, Matt Weiss, Lacie Whyte, Patrice Matamoros, Dimity McDowell, Sally Bergesen

Staff: Leah Etling, Rich Harshbarger and Christine Bowen

Chair: Virginia Brophy Achman


International Committee

Members: Stu Weiss, Mike Coleman, Matt West, Faron Kelley, Tanner Bell, Chris Robb, Jakob Larsen, Scott Freidrichs

Staff: Rich Harshbarger and Christine Bowen

Chair: Stu Weiss

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