Second Class (2005)

Rich Benyo

Race Director, Napa Marathon

Race director of the Napa Marathon, Rich Benyo built an event of special charm and character and founder of Marathon & Beyond he brought a level of literature to the stories of the sport. Through creative writing that penetrates running beyond its surface of times and training, he has added to the legend and lore of the marathon and distance running and given us regular glimpses into the intriguing heart of running and runners.

Running USA Hall of Champions Award Winners - Rich Benyo

Jim Davis

Founder, MarathonFoto

More than 20 years ago, Jim Davis invented race photography, toiling through miles of grinding travel to pioneer a way for runners everywhere to have a lasting souvenir of their marathon achievements.

Running USA Hall of Champions Award Winners - Jim Davis

Julia Emmons

Atlanta Track Club

The architect of America’s “largest race” and executive director of the second largest running club, Julia Emmons has served the sport in countless ways. Director of the 1996 Olympic Marathons, Peachtree 10K race director, 2004 Olympic distance team manager, Chair of the USATF Women’s Long Distance Running Committee and above all benefactor and fan, she personifies the definitions of talent and leadership.

Running USA Hall of Champions Award Winners - Julia Emmons

Ed Froehlich

Quad-City Times Bix 7

With a chuckle and an impish smile, masking resolute determination, Ed Froehlich brought big time road racing to the Midwest heartland. Understanding the importance of entertainment, he used the excitement of jazz to build the Quad-City Times Bix 7 into one of our greatest events without the advantage of big city momentum.

Running USA Hall of Champions Award Winners - Ed Froehlich

Bob Larsen

Renowned Coach

Through the years, Bob Larsen's quiet and gentle style has inspired and guided collegiate and post-collegiate athletes to achievements well beyond the scope of talent. As NCAA winning head coach at UCLA, he nurtured one of America’s greatest talents – Meb Keflezighi – on his remarkable journey to Olympic glory. During the last few years, in partnership with Joe Vigil, he helped establish Team Running USA and led an outstanding group of U.S. athletes to break out of our 2000 distance running doldrums, to retake a place on the podium of world championship running.

Running USA Hall of Champions Award Winners - Bob Larsen

Dave McGillivray

Race Director, Boston Marathon

Besides running across the country in the seventies, (when he was not old enough to know better), Dave McGillivray runs his age in miles every birthday. In 2004, he organized TREK, a transcontinental relay of 10 runners that raised more than $300,000 for the DMSE foundation to help kids. Through his company DMSE, he helps organizations learn how to produce events of the highest quality and in 2004, he was Nancy Lieberman’s operations consultant for the U.S. Women’s Olympic Marathon Trials. For more than 25 years, he has brought running to thousands and has provided guidance to Running USA in countless ways. By the way, he is also the director of the BAA Boston Marathon.

Running USA Hall of Champions Award Winners - Dave McGillivray


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