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May 17, 2017

We’ve personified the extremes into two Greenlayer customers—the Custom Shopper and the Stock Shopper


GreenlayerYou already know that the products your race offers matter. However, no matter your intentions, typically, if it’s not within your budget, it’s not happening.


At Greenlayer, we pride ourselves on offering custom, quality gear for every budget. So, what’s your budget? We can find the product that’s best for your race and your wallet!


While there is something for everyone at every price point, we’ve personified the extremes into two Greenlayer customers—the Custom Shopper (higher budget) and the Stock Shopper (lower budget).


For the Custom Shopper, when it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right. The Custom Shopper wants the design, fabric, and stitching to be completely personalized and they’re willing to spend a bit more to make it happen. Individuality, uniqueness and a desire to stand out are high on their list. Greenlayer addresses the needs of the Custom Shopper by offering completely customized styles on a 90-day lead-time.


The Stock Shopper needs it fast. For the Stock Shopper, cost and timeliness are of the utmost importance. Apparel needs to be economical, stay within budget, and have a quick turnaround time. Greenlayer meets the needs of the Stock Shopper by shipping blank, high-quality products within 24 hours of an order—all within the Stock Shopper’s budget. 


Fall somewhere in between? Greenlayer has a product waiting for you within every budget level!


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