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Scott Bush, Running USA
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October 9, 2017

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We recently caught up with new Running USA member Motiv Running. Hearing from Chris Colón, President of Motiv Sports, and Dan Vaughan, GM of Digital Media and Marketing, we get an introduction to Motiv Running, learn about what they are building, how they are reaching and motivating runners and much more.


Motiv Running TeamRunning USA (RUSA): For those who've yet to learn about Motiv Running, can you give a quick overview of Motiv and what you offer runners?


Motiv Running (MR): Combining some of the top running events in the U.S. with a new running and fitness focused digital media platform, Motiv Running aims to provide runners of all levels with connection, information and inspiration to be fit and live a healthy, active lifestyle. provides runners with information about races, stories on other runners, tips on training, gear and injury prevention.


RUSA: Motiv Running is new to the industry in name and form, but there's a lot of experience behind this team. Can you speak to the experience and offerings the company brings? 


MR: Chris Colón is the President of Motiv Sports and Motiv Running is part of that organization. Chris has spent the last 24 months identifying and partnering with more than 25 running races and triathlons that are pillars of tradition in their respective communities: JetBlue Long Beach Marathon, Surf City Marathon & Half Marathon, Napa-to-Sonoma Wine Country Half Marathon, Portland Shamrock Run and The Philly Love Run are just a few of the iconic events in the portfolio.


The editorial is lead by running media industry veteran Brian Metzler, who serves as the site’s Content Director and Dan Vaughan, GM of Digital Media and Marketing, who brings 17 years of experience in the digital media space. Among the notable journalists joining Metzler in contributing to the editorial mix at are Mario Fraioli, Matt Hart, Lisa Jhung, Adam Chase, Susan Lacke, Allison Pattillo and Matt Fitzgerald. Supporting this team are legendary athletes and personalities from the sport who will contribute as guest authors and columnists, including Kara Goucher, Nick Symmonds, Alexi Pappas, Kilian Jornet, Desi Linden and Joe Gray. 


RUSA: Motiv is balancing a mix between media and events. How is Motiv using those two entities to build the overall organization?


MR: Motiv Running’s goal from the outset was to blend a top-tier portfolio of events with best-in-class content, threading informative and entertaining editorial through our events while showcasing great event experiences through our content. This approach circulates new audiences throughout our ecosystem, and we believe we’ve done this in a seamless way. The social reaction and user feedback we’ve been getting has been very encouraging. We believe our approach is unique in the endurance space, currently. 


Motiv RunningRUSA: From a media perspective, how is the Motiv approach different than say Runner's World or Competitor? 


MR: is more about original story-telling than the other great web sites you’ve mentioned. Our Content Director, Brian Metzler, is one of the most innovative and respected journalist in the running space – and his ability to uncover inspiring, entertaining, off-beat and sometimes crazy stories from the world of running is unparalleled. will always deliver informative training, injury prevention and product review content – but we believe it’s the emotive stories from the “middle of the pack”, elite runners and those who use running as a vehicle to achieve higher goals that sets us apart.


RUSA: The running industry is shifting, with fewer runners racing, while more races are launching. What's differentiates a Motiv event from the competition?


MR: One of the things we offer is support, not only with marketing and sponsorship, but with operational support—registration, customer service. Motiv was founded on the idea that iconic races should maintain their uniqueness and regional flavor, but would fare better sharing their knowledge, and sharing services that individual race operators typically can’t afford on their own, like marketing, data processing, and web


RUSA: Similarly, what trend in the industry are you starting to focus more of your attention on and see it shaping your decisions over the next 6-12 months?


MR: The obvious trend in the event industry is towards shorter races: 5Ks, 10Ks and Half Marathons, and our portfolio focuses on these distances. Motiv will continue to add these where they don’t exist currently, as well as integrate more fun, ‘festival-type’ experiences into our events with an emphasis on “local.” From a content/editorial perspective – we go back to the story-telling angle; the best web-sites out there (strictly our opinion) focus on the emotional and uncovering the story you haven’t heard… that’s what we’ll continue to do for the sport of running. Original story-telling will always be a strong part of our editorial mix.


RUSA: With Motiv still new in name, are there any upcoming announcements we should keep an eye out for or any special projects set to launch?


MR: We are exploring several races and events and have our eyes on a few.  We also recently announced we are partnering with the Wildflower Triathlon team and bringing back the Wildflower Experience next year. 


To learn more about Motiv Running, please visit

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