Spotlight on the Sport: What’s new at nuun

Leah Etling, Running USA
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June 6, 2017

Sports nutrition provider works toward the perfect hydration solution


It has been more than a decade since nuun (pronounced noon) dared the endurance community think beyond traditional sports drinks (you know, the ones with names ending in ‘ade’) and take a chance on something different.


nuun is plant-based, gluten free electrolyte replacement, available in a variety of flavors. Mixed with water, it creates a drink that is much lighter than a traditional sports beverage and is both palatable and refreshing.


We caught up with Vishal Patel, Chief Nutritionist at nuun, to find out what new and exciting things are happening at the company. They include the recent launch of a new product, Nuun Performance.


“Nuun Performance was formulated in collaboration with Dr. Stacy Sims. It uses the latest in sports nutrition science to balance the ratio of carbohydrates to electrolytes for maximum absorption during endurance exercise but is rooted in nature and made from the purest, cleanest ingredients,” Patel said.


The drink is intended for longer workouts of over 90 minutes and comes in two flavors.


Read on for more from Patel about what else is new at nuun.


Introduce us to nuun hydration today. How do you describe your product, the focus of your brand, and your mission?


Patel: At nuun, we’re on a mission to inspire a healthier, happier, more active lifestyle so that everyone can achieve life's next personal best! For some that may mean wining their next race, and for others that may mean taking the first steps to sign up for a 5k.


We make our sports hydration products with clean, real ingredients, because we know hydration is just one part of staying healthy. In everything we do we're committed to replenishing active people and our planet by always examining our practices and valuing our principles of living clean. To us that means removing artificial junk, using clean ingredients, and eliminating plastic bottle waste.


Packed with electrolytes, light flavor, clean ingredients, nuun hydration is the perfect sports drink!


How do you make both athletes and events happy?


Patel: More and more frequently we hear from runners who are looking for healthy alternatives for their sports nutrition needs. Our electrolyte replacement tablets keep athletes hydrated with an optimal electrolyte blend that's made from clean, real ingredients. Athletes know that hydration is a significant contributing factor to run performance and overall wellness, and they're really excited about such a healthy option that will replace what they sweat out to keep them running strong.


Events that serve nuun can rest assured that they're providing the highest quality hydration to their athletes on course. The ingredients in nuun work with an athletes body while they're running for optimal absorption and hydration. Events commonly have to deal with dehydration and GI distress in runners, and with nuun these issues can be minimized.


Race day hydration is often a problem that needs to be solved, and sometimes the solution doesn’t feel simple. What best practices can you offer along those lines?


Patel: The best way to ensure hydration goes your way during a race is to practice, practice, practice! Runners take time to train their legs, but they also need to train their gut for race day conditions. Complete training runs with the same hydration and fuel products and cadence that you’ll use on race day, and your body will be more prepared to absorb and utilize the nutrients.


Tell us a bit about how you do market research and product testing – that seems like an interesting process for a brand like yours?


Patel: The products that we make are for athletes, but they’re also made by athletes. We work with our employees, professional athletes and ambassadors, to identify gaps in their sports nutrition. As we develop new flavors and products we recruit their help for in-training testing along the way. During new product and formulation development we put quality of ingredients as our highest priority to ensure that every ingredient is of benefit to the athletes’ body. 

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