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April 19, 2017

A one-stop shop for all your marathon and promotion product needs


Team AlanicWe recently caught up with Johnny Beig of Alanic, a Running USA member and an apparel company which provides custom clothing for some of the largest races in North America. Working with notable events such as RAM Racing's Hot Chocolate 15k/5k events, the Vancouver Sun Run and others, Alanic continues to push the boundaries of running apparel.


Running USA (RUSA): Where did the idea of Alanic come from?


Johnny Beig (JB): Alanic originated in Melbourne, Australia. We started from humble beginnings in 2006 as an indoor sports facility providing sports training and uniforms to local league football, hockey, soccer clubs and small, local runs.


RUSA: What has growth been like for Alanic over the past 18 months?


JB: Over the last 18 months Alanic has grown tremendously, winning contracts of some big running events in United States, Canada, Australia like RAM Racing, Vancouver Sun Run, HBF Run, etc.


We've also been expanding our portfolio within many health and fitness clubs, and even global endurance supplement brands like Cellucor, GNC, Curves Fitness, Lifetime Fitness, Beach Body.


RUSA: What trends in the industry are you noticing and reacting to at the moment?



JB: The consumer is becoming smarter, and the trend from giving away a cotton tee-shirt to a high-end tech shirt is becoming quite popular. 


Only five years ago, the majority of races were offering the cheap cotton tees, whereas now the consumer is more aware and wants the bang for their buck. They want a high-quality shirt so they can wear something they will remember forever, rather than just throwing the giveaway items away.


We at Alanic constantly come up with ways to make things more interesting for the runners and race directors by giving them 100% customized options with different fabrics, art, styles and patterns.


We think simple is boring, and Alanic loves challenges, so we do everything to make sure everybody is happy and continue to set new trends! 


RUSA: You've had the chance to work with some very big races. Do any partnerships really stand out as an example of how a race and a provider can work together to benefit the runners?


JB: Alanic works with over 100 elite races across United States and the world. 


The one partnership that really stands out is our collaboration with RAM Racing and the goody bags that Alanic provides to the Hot Chocolate runners. 


The Hot Chocolate 15K/5K races have been seeing a significant increase in the numbers, where are lot of races are seeing a decline.


One of the significant reasons for this is the giveaway item they provide along with the concept of homemade chocolate after the race. The Alanic goody bags they provide have won the ‘Best Swag of the Year” and it makes the runners happy as they leave the race with an item worth $100 retail and lot of chocolate.


AlanicRUSA: What makes Alanic different than the competition?


JB: Alanic is different to the competition in many ways. We are a one stop shop for all your marathon and promotion product needs. Not only are we a brand that is competing with New Balance, Saucony, Mizuno, Under Armour, etc., but we are also a private label manufacturer for over 100 fitness clubs, elite sporting events including Special Olympics, Super Bowl and work with over 20,000 promotional product companies within the United States to provide them with any promotion items being a direct factory.


Our 2017 range is very elite and trendy and on par with Lululemon quality. We are providing these elite pieces at wholesale prices to help race organizers earn more profits for their race.


RUSA: What's next for Alanic?


JB: Alanic is always looking to partner up with bigger races, our biggest accomplishment was taking the Vancouver Sun Run from New Balance and getting them on a three-year contract.


We would be looking to collaborate with medium to big races and talk to them about coming onboard as an apparel sponsor instead of just a tee-shirt vendor. We are opening up our first flagship store in Beverly Hills, California in December, so people will have more awareness of the brand.




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