BibRave provides strategic insights to connect CAMA with high-impact event leaders and curate bespoke marketing deliverables

Chicago, IL –  BibRave, the leading-edge endurance and fitness marketing agency, partnered in 2023 with CAMA, the brand known for its elite odor-absorbing, moisture-wicking bag constructed with athletes and fitness enthusiasts in mind, to elevate brand integrations and partnerships at endurance events in ways that go outside of the booth. Leveraging BibRave’s extensive network and race expertise, the strategic program aimed to identify and connect potential high-impact partners for CAMA.

The partnership objective was to establish enduring relationships, paving the way for customized brand integrations and activations – both digital and in-real life. BibRave combined their expertise in the endurance space with creative prowess to ensure that CAMA makes an innovative and enduring impact at events. CAMA’s product brings strong value adds for events and their participants, offering differentiation from the normal swag item, providing a premium touchpoint that adds to merchandise stores or VIP packages, and aligning with consumer values of sustainability and supporting small businesses.

In addition to fostering partnerships, BibRave developed white-label marketing materials for CAMA. These resources, including crafted email outreach verbiage, a concise one-sheeter, and a curated marketing deck, are all tailored for targeted market communications. Addressing race directors and marketing teams, these materials highlight the unique benefits of partnering with CAMA.

“Teaming up with BibRave marks a pivotal moment for CAMA,” shared CAMA co-founder Matt Cartwright. “Together, we’re not only elevating brand integrations but also collaborating strategically in regards to our presence in and at endurance events, forging long-term connections and making a lasting impact on the race scene.”

Andy Wallace, Vice President of Programs & Partnerships at BibRave, shared, “we’re thrilled to bring our expertise and strategy to valued partners like CAMA, who are invested in creative ways to show up at events beyond the standard 10X10. Their premium product is a perfect fit for races and BibRave was stoked to advance their initiative to introduce CAMA to event participants.”

BibRave and CAMA are passionate about redefining brand presence in the ever-evolving landscape of endurance events in 2024. Their dynamic partnership showcases innovation and highlights the benefits of forging meaningful and long-lasting connections between races and brand partners.

About CAMA

CAMA was founded with movement, and all its joy, in mind. As active people on the go, the founders, two best friends, yearned for a solution that gave them confidence to move throughout their day. Their signature product, the CAMA Bag, is a premium solution that contains your sweaty gear and keeps the sweat off everything else.

Made in the USA, the CAMA Bag is constructed using durable, high-quality fabrics. Surrounded by a thick, waterproof shell, the unique inner layers work together to absorb odor and wick moisture. Another incredible benefit: It’s an environmentally-friendly way to protect all your gear. Gone are the single-use plastic bags.

CAMA is dedicated to keeping you moving. They’re invested in innovative solutions that fit seamlessly in your life and support your active lifestyle. Look out, they’re just getting started. Learn more at

About BibRave

BibRave is an influencer and experiential marketing agency that specializes in fitness, outdoor, and lifestyle verticals. With 10 years’ experience building and managing influencers and ambassador communities for large and small companies, BibRave brings a team of strategic social media, creative, and online community-focused experts.

BibRave also crafts bold and memorable experiences, developing creative events and in-person activations, managing ideation, project management, procurement, execution, and inter-agency coordination.

Lastly, BibRave leverages our own large network of social media influencers – The Vibe: A BibRave Network – to drive more race registrations and product sales for our event and brand partners.