BibRave, the leading marketing agency specializing in the fitness and endurance space, is thrilled to announce the successful execution of a client program on behalf of CAMA, creators of the CAMA Bag. Utilizing their extensive network of industry contacts, BibRave secured high-impact, in-kind opportunities for CAMA at two large-scale events in 2022.

The program focused on experiential activations and in-kind opportunities, providing lasting impressions for the CAMA brand. BibRave’s team of experts brokered an agreement with Major League Pickleball (MLP) for CAMA to present customized MLP bags to each of the 50 professional athletes as part of their hospitality package. These bags were used and displayed by athletes throughout the season, providing continuous exposure for the brand.

“Our team’s deep-rooted connections within the endurance industry allow us to broker unique and valuable in-kind opportunities for our brand clients,” said BibRave’s Senior Director of Partnerships, Tony Yamanaka. “We leveraged our existing event partnerships and client relationships to present influencers, athletes, and event attendees with the premium accessory of CAMA bags.”

As Nuun Hydration’s influencer agency charged with creating a unique and impactful event for Nuun Ambassadors at the Chicago Marathon, BibRave also incorporated CAMA. As a premium surprise and delight moment, 150 Team Nuun ambassadors received CAMA bags customized with the Nuun logo during a Pirate-themed River Cruise. The bags provided a functional and stylish accessory for ambassadors to use on race weekend and beyond, amplifying the brand’s reach and impact with a key audience of fitness enthusiasts.

“We are thrilled to have partnered with BibRave on this program,” said CAMA co-founder Anna Petric. “Their extensive network of industry contacts and relationships helped us secure high-impact, in-kind opportunities with our target audience – an invaluable contribution to our marketing mix. We look forward to continuing our partnership with BibRave and expanding our reach in the endurance space.”

About CAMA

CAMA was founded in 2019 by 2 best friends that saw a need to help active people on the go. Their signature product, the CAMA Bag, is a premium solution that contains your sweaty gear and keeps the sweat off everything else.

Made in the USA, the CAMA Bag is constructed using durable, high-quality fabrics. Surrounded by a thick, waterproof shell, the unique inner layers work together to absorb odor and wick moisture.

Another incredible benefit: It’s an environmentally-friendly way to protect all your gear. Gone are the single-use plastic bags.

CAMA also offers a moisture wicking, odor absorbing towel to complement an active lifestyle and their premium signature Bag.

About BibRave

BibRave is an influencer and experiential marketing agency that specializes in fitness and endurance sports. With 10 years’ experience building and managing ambassador communities for large and small companies, BibRave brings a team of social media, creative, and online community-focused experts.

One of BibRave’s key strengths is developing creative events and in-person activations, managing ideation, project management, procurement, execution, and inter-agency coordination.

Lastly, BibRave has its own large network of social media influencers called the BibRave Ambassadors, which it leverages to drive more race registrations and product sales for the company’s event and brand partners.