Running Industry Technology Survey Results

Running USA and ACTIVE Network teamed up to conduct a study at the Running USA Conference in early 2020 to gather a real perspective of the technology landscape in endurance for the benefit of the entire market. The resulting data, collected one month prior to the declaration of the coronavirus pandemic, shows a deep dive on how race organizers, timers and the professional racing community across the endurance industry used technology pre-COVID-19.

Key Takeaways

  1. Hot trends include a big emphasis on registration software, finishing photos and mobile apps for spectators while they don’t care as much about security drones, AR engagement software and analytics tools.
  2. Volunteer management software was the second most-valued software to race directors with 49% of respondents using it to help manage their events.
  3. The top two reasons race directors say are obstacles to adopting new technology are cost and the time it takes to make the switch.
  4. Instant and live results technology looks like the next big thing with 94% of race directors saying it’s critical to hosting successful events and 63% having already leveraged this tool.
  5. Partnering with charities is becoming increasingly critical to endurance events, with 30% of respondents already leveraging fundraising software and another 40% considering implementation.

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