Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon Organizer Evolving Itself

St. Paul, Minn. – December 12, 2023 – Twin Cities In Motion, the community movement nonprofit that organizes the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon and a year-round calendar of events attracting more than 45,000 active participants, unveiled its new brand and evolving community direction this week.

Over the last three years TCM has been asking hard questions about what limits individuals from being in motion and how TCM as a non-profit organization can do more to address these challenges. Seeing significant opportunities to do more, the organization is introducing a bolder vision for its organization:

A community that engages each other through movement, making for a

healthier society both socially and physically.

“We know from more than 40 years of experience the significant physical, mental and social benefits that being in motion offers individuals and our community,” Twin Cities In Motion President Dean Orton said. “We see the opportunity and need for us is to be more than our events. Building upon them to extend new programs and services that help more individuals get in motion for the first time as well as do more to help those who are in motion, have gotten away from it, or to better sustain a pace of motion best for them.”

A leading example of working towards its bolder vision is the groundbreaking TC Kids Run Free program.  All youth 18 and under can now fully participate and experience TCM events free of charge. They wanted to remove any cost barrier for kids and families, allowing them to discover the joy of running.

“We know how motivating it is to keep running once you’ve bibbed up and succeeded in crossing a cheering finish line,” Orton said. Our vision for them is starting and sustaining what we feel can lead to a lifetime motion journey. Results are very encouraging — over 11,000 kids participated in just our first two years!”

Additionally, the nonprofit is creating a community space for year-round gathering as a leading hub for motion. TCM is rolling out new programs, events and services by leveraging its new Twin Cities Motion Center to gather like-minded nonprofits in a co-officing space that offers opportunities for community gatherings and runs along the nearby Mississippi River.

“With a bolder vision and greater impact in areas of community need we feel strongly we’ll inspire and earn new and more diverse levels of financial support. For the last couple of years, we have been covering new ground for us, and even within the industry, as we build out membership, major giving and foundation programs as well as partnership with other non-profits around our new Twin Cities Motion Center.”

The new Twin Cities In Motion logo representing the organization’s updated vision is designed to evoke the arms-raised gesture of personal triumph displayed so often at the finish line of its events.

“More people raising their arms in triumph – however they define success in their motion goal motivates us all,” Orton noted. “Our vision pushes us to go beyond the success of event participation, but to a larger commitment of getting more people active and supported in staying on their motion journeys regardless of if they ever run a race.”

Twin Cities In Motion launched registration for its 2024 spring events last week. The organization will host:

Hot Dash, presented by Summit Brewing Co.

5K and 10K

Minneapolis, Saturday, March 23

Get in Gear

5K, 10K & Medtronic Half Marathon

Minnehaha Park, Saturday, April 27

PNC Women Run the Cities, presented by TRIA

5K, 10K & 10 mile

Minnehaha Park, Saturday, May 18

Registration for 2024 Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon Weekend will open in March, and feature events for participants of all ages and paces.

Learn more about Twin Cities In Motion at

Twin Cities In Motion (TCM) is a community motion nonprofit and the region’s premier running event organizer. TCM believes a community that engages each other through movement, makes a healthier society both socially and physically. TCM is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit that organizes dozens of events throughout the year, including the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon, a Top 10 U.S. marathon, to provide opportunities for people of all ages, abilities, and experiences to live an active, healthy lifestyle. Collectively, TCM and its charity partners that fundraise at TCM events regularly give back more than $1 million annually to a variety of causes. For more information, visit us at, or find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @tcmarathon.