Post-college, many of our most talented American runners are faced with a difficult decision. Do they continue to run at the highest level, and attempt a professional career? It may be a dream they’ve held since childhood. But without support from a team, sponsor or family, the fiscal realities of chasing that dream can be daunting.

Over the last decade, a number of small elite distance support programs have sprung up around the United States. They bring together top runners who want to continue to run at the highest levels, and ultimately achieve Olympic and international success.

The Allan Steinfeld Development Award is a $25,000 training group development award was named after Allan Steinfeld, a long-time leader in the sport, who jump-started the U.S. distance running resurgence as head of the New York Road Runners. Past recipients of the award:

  • 2018 Atlanta Track Club Elite 
  • 2017 Furman Elite
  • 2016 Northern Arizona Elite
  • 2015 Team USA Minnesota
  • 2014 American Distance Project
  • 2013 ZAP Fitness
  • 2012 Mammoth Track Club
  • 2011 Team USA Arizona
  • 2010 Team USA Minnesota