The 126th Boston Marathon™  marked the 40th year anniversary of Ashworth Awards’ creation of the race’s finisher medals.  Since the first year medals were awarded in 1983, Ashworth Awards has been heavily involved with the marathon.  What started with 300 medals for the first 300 finishers in 1983 turned into 30,000 medals this year in 2022.  The design has moderately changed from year to year and Ashworth Awards has worked with the Boston Athletic Association to maintain their traditional logo and colors.  As of the 126th Boston Marathon™, Ashworth Awards has successfully designed and produced 40 versions of the unicorn that is displayed with pride by all finishers of this iconic race.

Monday, April 18, 2022 marked other major milestones by members of Team Ashworth. Ashworth Awards’ account executive Luke Baiungo completed his first unofficial Boston Marathon™, running with friend and race director Dave McGillivray for Dave’s 50th run of the Boston Marathon™!  Way to go Luke and Dave.  Vice President/CMO, Kim Ashworth, completed her 17th consecutive run of the Boston Marathon.  She has run every Boston Marathon since the 110th Boston Marathon back in 2006, and is qualified to run her 18th Boston in 2023!  We are so incredibly proud of the members of our team!

About Ashworth Awards

The company is located just 45 minutes outside of Boston.   Ashworth Awards prides itself on its community and industry involvement.  The company designs and manufactures medallions, awards, and recognition products for races and events locally and globally.  Its team members also compete and volunteer at these races! To be the exclusive medallion provider to the BAA and the Boston Marathon™ for 40 years is truly an honor.  Team Ashworth looks forward to their continued business and personal involvement with the marathon!

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