As BibBoards continues to grow and partner with endurance events around North America it is important to bring in industry experts to help manage sponsorships and partnerships. BibBoards are the perfect tool for endurance event coordinators to provide added value to their events while factoring in marketing potential. With a highly qualified VP of Sponsorship, BibBoards will now have the opportunity and expertise to partner with more brands and events across the globe.

The New VP of Sponsorship

When asked about the need for a new VP to handle the influx of sponsorships and partnerships between BibBoards and brands, Founder Brian Goodell said,

“We are at a point with racing events back and the brands are in need of guidance on how to use BibBoards to gain impressions and generate more revenue at each event.”

That is exactly what Steve Lenz Jr. is equipped to do as the new VP of Sponsorship. Lenz has a background in business that will prove valuable when pairing brands with the perfect BibBoard product for their needs. With years of experience in the real estate sector, Lenz knows that making connections is the key to doing great partnerships. Lenz knows that the key to sponsor success is visibility.

Lenz is a former athlete who has played organized basketball at a high level and has competed in a variety of endurance events. His first interaction with BibBoards was as a user. When asked about the product, Lenz stated,

“I have seen BibBoards at many endurance events and thought the invention was genius, I am excited to be here as we know how much the industry needs better sponsorship opportunities”

Steve Lenz is excited to bring brands and BibBoards together to create partnerships that provide a great product to race coordinators, participants, and companies alike.

BibBoards are the Perfect Product for Partnership

Whether you are a race coordinator or run a company, BibBoards offer a great opportunity for you to market to the endurance athlete niche.

BibBoards use patented technology to secure your race day bib to your race day shirt without any rips, tears, or holes. Gone are the days of putting safety pin holes in your brand-new race day shirt or of losing your bib due to the terrible security of the traditional safety pin. For possible partners or sponsors, BibBoards is the only way to get your logo front and center at every event. BibBoards are fully customizable and can put your full-color logo on every participant on race day.

Even better is that BibBoards are made of high-quality plastic and can be used again and again. Brands that partner with BibBoards not only get their logo front and center in every race day picture but will continue to put their logo in front of potential customers every time the participant races in the future. Endurance athletes love BibBoards and brands won’t find a better marketing tool for race day.

If you are a company, brand, or race coordinator who wants to partner with BibBoards reach out to our new VP of Sponsorship, Steve Lenz Jr. to learn how BibBoards can get your business across the finish line.