[San Ramon, Ca 8/2/2023] – BibBoards INC the pioneering inventors of BibBoards event bib fasteners, proudly celebrates its 6th anniversary, marking a remarkable journey of innovation, growth, and industry impact. With unwavering dedication and commitment to excellence, BibBoards has become a staple in the running & cycling community, transforming the way athletes secure their race bibs all while expressing themselves.

Since its inception, BibBoards has achieved significant milestones, reflecting the company’s resounding success:

1. Over 1250 Events: BibBoards have adorned athletes’ bibs at more than 1250 events worldwide, ranging from local charity runs to prestigious marathons, making their mark in various running communities.

2. Partnered with 400 Brands: Collaborating with over 400 renowned brands in the athletic and running industry, BibBoards has established itself as a trusted partner for custom branding and promotional opportunities.

3. Garnered 20,000 Reviews: The overwhelming support from satisfied customers has resulted in a remarkable 20,000 positive reviews, attesting to BibBoards’ reliability, convenience, and innovative design.

4. Embraced by 125 Retailers: BibBoards’ expansion into retail spaces has been met with enthusiasm, with 125 retailers recognizing the value and demand for this game-changing accessory.

5. Eliminated Over 10 Million Safety Pins: BibBoards’ dedication to sustainability has led to the elimination of over 10 million disposable safety pins, reducing waste and contributing to a greener race day experience.

“As we celebrate this milestone, we reflect on the incredible journey that brought us here,” said Brian Goodell Founder of BibBoards “Our success is a testament to the unwavering support of our customers, partners, and the endurance community. We are incredibly grateful for their trust in our product and vision.”

BibBoards’ commitment to excellence and sustainability has been at the core of their philosophy, guiding the company’s expansion into new markets and forging valuable partnerships.

“We are excited for what the future holds,” Katherine VP Partnerships added. “Our team is continuously exploring new opportunities, products, and collaborations that will further enhance the race day experience for athletes worldwide.”

As part of their anniversary celebration, BibBoards will be hosting special promotions and giveaways, extending their gratitude to the community that has been an integral part of their journey.

To learn more about BibBoards and their achievements, please visit www.BibBoards.com

About Us:

BibBoards is a trailblazing company in the athletic accessory industry, specializing in Bib fasteners and wearable charms – a revolutionary alternative to traditional safety pins. Since its establishment in 2017, BibBoards has been dedicated to crafting innovative and sustainable products that enhance the performance of athletes worldwide.