Run Ottawa is the nation’s leader when it comes to race planning and execution. Run Ottawa is the organization behind the country’s biggest marathon weekend, Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend taking place May 28-29th. In addition to high-quality races, Run Ottawa has used its events to raise money for worthy causes around the world. What’s up next for the national leader of race organization? A partnership with BibBoards, Run Ottawa and the Canadian Red Cross Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis Appeal.

Bibboards and Run Ottawa Partnership

Run Ottawa has partnered with Bibboards to provide a special opportunity for Run Ottawa racers to raise money for the Canadian Red Cross Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis Appeal. Bibboards are offering specially designed BibSnaps for Run Ottawa’s biggest event, Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend. All proceeds from the specially designed BibSnaps will go directly to the Canadian Red Cross Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis Appeal. When asked about the partnership Run Ottawa Race Director Ian Fraser said,

“We are really pleased to be partnering with Bibboards to elevate our participant experience. Bibboards innovative product offerings will mean no more pin holes in that special race day top. Say goodbye to rust stains and punctured finger tips! We are also proud of our special colour offering in support of the Canadian Red Cross and its support efforts in Ukraine. All profits from these special Bibboards will go to help the cause!”

The Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend is the largest and most iconic event of its kind. The weekend offers ten separate events with thousands of participants making it one of North America’s most attended running events.

Now runners can support a great cause while participating in their favorite event during Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend. BibBoards are featuring three designs of their revolutionary BibSnaps specially created for the event. All proceeds from these unique BibSnaps go directly to a great cause. Derek Fox, VP of Sponsorships at BibBoards had this to say about the exciting new partnership with Run Ottawa, “We are excited to be partnering with Canada’s most iconic and biggest marathon weekend event. They are visionaries in all they do”

How do BibSnaps work?

In addition to supporting a great cause, a new set of Run Ottawa BibSnaps will elevate your experience on race day. Whether you are running in the international marathon or participating in a smaller race like the 5k, BibSnaps make it easy to reach your full potential from start to finish.

BibSnaps use a unique clipping system to hold your racing bib to your shirt. Unlike traditional methods, like safety pins, BibSnaps do not cause any damage to your clothing. To use BibSnaps, you simply apply the four clips to the four corners of your bib and secure them onto your shirt. When your race is over, you unclip the BibSnaps and remove your bib. Both your bib and shirt will be undamaged and kept in perfect condition, except for a little sweat.

How do BibSnaps Enhance your Run Ottawa Race Weekend?

Raising Money for the Canadian Red Cross Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis Appeal

For runners, a race is the pinnacle of the sport. The race is only enhanced when you know you are doing good when you run it. The partnership between BibBoards and Run Ottawa provides a unique opportunity to support a charitable cause while participating in one of the most important race weekends of the year.

No rips, tears, or holes

The race day shirt is a badge of honor. Why ruin it the day you receive it? Traditional safety pins hold your race bib on, but they immediately damage your race day shirt and bib. BibSnaps do not puncture the material in your shirt or the bib so you can be sure that you will end the race without holes in your clothes and tears in your numbers. Safety pins not only cause harm to your shirt, but they can also cause harm to your skin. Unlike safety pins, BibSnaps will not poke your fingers or your body.

A More Secure Hold

When you use safety pins on race day, you are taking a risk that you could lose your bib in the heat of the race. BibSnaps offer a secure hold that won’t come undone while you run. Your bib will not rip off because it is not punctured in the first place. Finish the race the way you started it, with your bib secured to your shirt.

Better for the Environment

After a race safety pins are usually thrown out if they even make it to the finish line. Safety pins are made of metal and do not break down very quickly. BibSnaps are reusable and therefore do not join millions of safety pins in the landfill every year. BibSnaps are distributed on a recycled paper package and made with sustainability in mind.

Run Ottawa and BibBoards is a partnership that benefits all

This new partnership is beneficial for all involved. Run Ottawa is one of the nation’s largest race organizers and their partnership with BibBoards proves that they take the quality of their events seriously. Not only does the partnership raise money for a charitable organization, but it provides participants with a better alternative to traditional safety pins. This move protects the beautiful courses that will be featured in Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend by keeping hundreds if not thousands of safety pins out of local landfills.

Participants are sure to see the value of a product that protects their investment of a race day shirt while preserving the keepsake that the bib becomes after the race. Run Ottawa is providing a great opportunity for runners to elevate their experience with gear that is simply better than the traditional alternative. If you are planning to attend Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend, you want to support the Canadian Red Cross Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis Appeal, or you just want a great piece of gear for your next race day, visit If you want to sign up for the Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend or another Run Ottawa Event visit