Implementing a Unique Yearly Design to Decrease the Amount of Racing Bandits

SAN RAMON, CALIFORNIA May 2, 2023: Racing is a huge way for enthusiasts to participate in their favorite outdoor activity with other likeminded individuals and the volunteers who put these events together. Standard practices require racers to wear bibs with numbers in order to track their progress from beginning to end of any event however there comes the issue with those known as “bib bandits.” Individuals who take part in racing without paying the necessary entry fees or completing standard sign-up procedures. This results in qualified racers missing out on supplies and receiving pictures of strangers using their bib numbers to complete races they were never signed up to take part in. BibBoards is introducing their solution to combat the number of people who steal numbers and help security identify those who have stolen a spot in a race.

Brian Goodell, founder of BibBoards, says of this growing issue: “Far too often we have seen race directors losing revenue, runners complaining about running out of supplies at the finish line and race photos showing strangers wearing their bib numbers.” The solution? BibBoards seeks to partner with race directors to create custom bib designs each year. The runner may choose to replace a safety pin and use the BibBoards to hold on the racing bib or to just snap the BibBoards on the front of their shirt. One runner states: “I was so surprised when I pulled up my race photos from Boston and several of the pictures were of another bib bandit wearing my number.” With BibBoards, only those signed-up and registered with the race will receive a BibBoards design thereby creating a clear indication between racers who should be in the race and bib bandits.

BibBoards solution offers a number of benefits to both race participants and race organizers:

1. Our patented design is unique. Therefore, it would be impossible for anyone to create a similar or exact replica for race day.

2. A single BibBoard weighs almost the exact same as a safety pin and is not bulky, so easy for a runner to carry on race day.

3. Easy to use on the front of the shirt – quick viewing access for medal volunteers so you do not bottleneck the finish line.

4. Ensure that medals will go to legit race participants only.

5. Lightweight product that can be reused in future races or collected as a memento of the event year by year.

6. Fully recyclable materials

7. Cost efficient and customizable so the design can change year to year significantly, creating a collectible.

Bib bandits seem to be part of every race. They take up resources such as water, electrolytes, and nutrition on the course, take medals and finisher items at the end and compromise overall security. We have an idea to help race volunteers recognize bandits quickly and preserve your event resources in a cost efficient and fun manner using BibBoards.

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