The experiential marketing agency’s expertise and attention to detail shined, featuring a midnight group run and high-energy watch party 


Portland, OR – BibRave, the leading-edge endurance and fitness marketing agency, expertly executed a short-timeline, high-profile collaboration event for the connected fitness platform, Strava. Featuring a midnight group run and watch party, the event supported the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team during their Round 16 match. The event was hosted in partnership with TOGETHXR, a media and commerce company founded by world-renowned professional athletes Alex Morna, Chloe Kim, Simone Manuel and Sue Bird, and The Sports Bra, a pioneering sports bar in Portland that exclusively shows women’s sports.

The event exemplified BibRave’s white glove event management and experiential marketing services, while magnifying Strava’s commitment to fostering community and elevating women’s sports.

BibRave boasts high-level event planning, project management, and event execution – and all three skill sets were put to the test for this short-run event. From fast-moving but meticulous vendor research, contracting, and coordination, to in-person on-site activation production, BibRave’s attention to detail curated an  extraordinary experience worth staying up through the night.

The event united fitness enthusiasts and women’s sports supporters and fostered a memorable and meaningful community engagement opportunity for Strava. The crowd participated in a midnight 5K run before a festive 2 a.m. watch party featuring glow sticks, Kudos bracelet making kits, exclusive event jerseys, koozies, pint glasses, and more.

“As a women and minority-owned business, we are beyond proud to have partnered with STRAVA to support women’s sports,” said Jessica Murphy, Co-Founder at BibRave. “Within 48 hours, our teams were working seamlessly together to bring every single detailed element to life. It was a perfect bullseye of BibRave’s commitment to redefining the intersection of fitness, sports, and experiential marketing.”

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About BibRave

BibRave is an influencer and experiential marketing agency that specializes in fitness, outdoor, and lifestyle verticals. With 10 years’ experience building and managing influencers and ambassador communities for large and small companies, BibRave brings a team of strategic social media, creative, and online community-focused experts.

BibRave also crafts bold and memorable experiences, developing creative events and in-person activations, managing ideation, project management, procurement, execution, and inter-agency coordination.

Lastly, BibRave leverages our own large network of social media influencers – the BibRave Ambassadors – to drive more race registrations and product sales for our event and brand partners.