Moorestown, NJ – August 29, 2023 – RunSignup, the leading registration and technology provider for endurance events in the United States, announces RaceDay Scoring version 4.0. Designed for today’s timers, RaceDay Scoring is a powerful scoring software that has become the go-to solution for scoring and providing official race results at endurance events nationwide, including running, walking, cross country, cycling, and triathlon events. This new release introduces a structural redesign to the software, delivering accelerated performance to address the needs of larger events and more complex scoring situations. This release also brings improved user interfaces and navigation for timers to quickly access different data components with ease.

RunSignup’s RaceDay Scoring version 4.0 starts with this structural redesign to processing of reads received from timing equipment and automated scoring recalculation. These advancements deliver improved performance and enable timers to efficiently score larger and more complex events. In addition, this new release incorporates notable accelerated performance of its results TXT streaming.

“Early in 2023, we embarked on a significant investment to complete a structural re-engineering of the core part of RaceDay Scoring that processes and scores read data to create a real time streaming architecture. This strategic decision to completely rewrite this aspect of the technology using an operating system language designed for the highest performance and usage of processor architectures, positions RaceDay Scoring to time the largest events in the world. As the adoption of RaceDay Scoring continues to spread, we felt this was vital to providing the next generation in scoring software,” said James Harris, RunSignup’s EventDay Chief Technology Officer.

This release also deploys an improved user interface that is intuitive and efficient for timers. With the new design, timers can effortlessly pick reads to use or ignore, simplifying the scoring process and saving valuable time. In addition, Timers now have a comprehensive view of participant data where they can effortlessly access both registration and scoring information, facilitating a quick view of different data components.

Scoring is the foundation of a race and RunSignup’s Cloud platform of products offers a significant advantage to timers with its continuous, real-time data integration between registration, scoring, check-ins, TXT alerts, photos, and results. Races are able to leave registration and check-in open even after the race starts, live TXT results are issued within seconds of participants crossing the finish line, result posting is continuous, and photos are uploaded and synced dynamically. This powerful approach provides a constant stream of synchronized data between products and functions and ensures a high level of accuracy and timeliness of information needed for today’s timers.

For those timers who are not able to use RunSignUp’s registration, this new release offers the ability to load scoring data into RaceDay Scoring incrementally and timers are then able to take advantage of RunSignup’s real-time cloud-based technology.

“Today’s timers face growing expectations from event organizers to provide more value in new ways. Timers are truly the core of the race community and their role continues to expand. RaceDay Scoring’s local scoring and streaming platform is fully integrated with our cloud platform to provide today’s timers with a fully integrated and automated solution with the modern flexibility and features they need,” said Bob Bickel, RunSignup Founder and CEO.

The company completed an initial soft launch of RaceDay Scoring version 4.0 this past weekend and experienced great success with more than 100 races scored using the software. Some of the comments on the Facebook Timers Talk channel include::

– “Life has never been so easy.”

– “For Real. I keep getting surprised on what this software can do.”

– “Yes. Once you get comfortable with RDS there is almost a scary level of “nothing to do”. Also, loving some of the updates with 4.0.”

Timers are invited to attend RunSignup’s live webinar covering the latest advancements now available with RaceDay Scoring version 4.0 on September 12 at 12pm EST.


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