The North Carolina-based company to produce sustainable apparel for five West Coast events.


NAPA, CA. – Blistering Pace Race Management (BPRM) is thrilled to expand their partnership with Recover Brands to encompass all five of the event management company’s West Coast events. Recover Brands creates eco-friendly custom apparel that aims to minimize environmental impact from manufacturing to fulfillment. BPRM takes pride in partnering with socially responsible brands to maintain a sustainable presence at their running events.

Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, Recover Brands has been designing and manufacturing recycled apparel free of chemicals, dyes, and wastewater since 2010. The company focuses on being as environmentally-friendly and socially responsible as possible in all aspects of the business.

“Recover is proud to partner with Blistering Pace on apparel for their suite of events,” said Co-Founder & President Bill Johnston. “In addition to making the most environmentally friendly and socially responsible products possible, a big part of our mission is education, and by working with like-minded organizations that are committed to sustainability like Blistering Pace, we’re able to reach a much larger audience and give people the opportunity to support environmental initiatives. Our products are also perfect for runners as they are lightweight, comfortable and breathable, which is really important for runners as they look to incorporate sustainable products into their daily lives.”

BPRM hopes to build upon their commitment to producing sustainable events by aligning with like-minded partners like Recover Brands. Their 100% recycled apparel will be available for purchase as commemorative merchandise at all events, and several of the events will feature Recover Brands participant shirts, volunteer shirts, and more.

“As a race management organization, we are very cognizant of the environmental operating costs not just of the events we produce, but also of the partner companies we choose to build relationships with,” said Director of Partnerships for BPRM, Christy Slye. “Recover Brands is the industry leader in sustainable apparel and social responsibility, and we’re excited to continue to build a robust partnership for years to come.”

The two entities have entered into a three-year deal, spanning the 2022 – 2024 race seasons. Through this expanded partnership, they hope to encourage other event organizations to invest in sustainable practices and partnerships across the running industry.


About Recover Brands

Recover strives to produce the very best apparel with the most minimal impact on the environment. The materials that we use, which otherwise would have been sent to the landfill, are 100% recycled. Beyond using 100% recycled materials to produce Recover products we take great efforts to use the most environmentally sustainable manufacturing methods. The process in which the recycled materials that we use are produced into garments eliminates dyes and significantly reduces chemical, water, and energy use. Ultimately the entire process, from design to production to packaging, contributes to the environmental impact of a garment and it is the Recover Initiative to reduce that impact as much as possible every step of the way.


About the Blistering Pace Race Management

Founded in 2016, BPRM works in a variety of race management capacities, ranging from staffing to full operational oversight. Clients include the San Francisco Half Marathon, 10K & 5K, the Napa Valley Marathon and Half Marathon, the Big Sur Marathon Foundation, the Bank of America Chicago Marathon, the New York City Marathon, and the new WineShine Half  Marathon. For more information, visit the website.