Chicago, IL – Charge is partnering with Prevention Magazine.®

Living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t require long runs and interval track workouts. By getting up and moving just 20+ minutes per day, you’re on your way to a healthier you. That’s why mobile app Charge Running is partnering with Prevention Magazine® to provide a live, virtual option for their Prevention Virtual Walk , a 5K on October 2nd, 2021 at 11 AM EST.

In addition, when you officially register for the Prevention Virtual Walk, you get a 4-Week Prep Plan, a holistic fitness, nutrition, and wellness guide. Plus, participants can join the Prevention Virtual Walkers Facebook group. The event, held twice each year, draws walkers from every state in the U.S.

They are also offering daily LIVE virtual training in preparation for the 5K walk called Charge MOVE.

Charge MOVE is a 20 minutes per day walking program to promote movement and activity. This program starts July 5th and goes through October 2nd leading up to the Prevention Virtual Walk. LIVE virtual 20 minute walking classes will be offered twice per day, Monday through Friday. Every class will be open and free to all to participate on the Charge Running app.

Charge Move is geared towards all people, no matter their fitness background or goals. With the strength of the Charge and Prevention communities engaged in every one of the Charge Move walking classes, there’s no way not to stay motivated. Walking counts! Says Charge co-founder Julie Wallock, “I can honestly say it’s the most positive community I’ve ever been a part of.” 

Just download the Charge Running app from your mobile phone and click the walk you want to join! Let’s MOVE!

More About Charge Running

Charge Running is a live virtual training and racing platform offering over 100 LIVE running and walking classes per week. In addition, Charge Running hosts live virtual racing for events that was a LIVE virtual experience. There are live leaderboards, an active live chat, instant individual results, real-time playlists, race photos, printable race bibs, and more to round out the complete race experience.

Runners simply log into the app via their mobile device to participate from anywhere around the world. Runners can choose to participate live or participate later via Charge’s “on-demand run” feature. During the event, runners are motivated by music and a live trainer. When participants complete the event, they will receive instant personalized race results which includes overall place and paces. Real-time feedback and group interaction is also available to add to the excitement. For more information visit

About Prevention Magazine

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