BibBoards is celebrating five years of serving endurance athletes, brands, and race coordinators. BibBoards has grown significantly in the last few years and has made a commitment to partnering with more brands, races, and organizations to get BibBoards into the hands and onto the shirts of more endurance athletes. As the best option on the market for securing your bib on race day, BibBoards has proved that a high-quality safety pin alternative is here to stay.

Five Years of Partnerships

With the partnership of over 1000 events, 350 major brands, and 100 nonprofits, BibBoards has brought a high-quality and sustainable product to thousands of endurance athletes. More importantly, BibBoards has offered these partners a unique way to sponsor events and promote brands. BibBoards are completely customizable and can feature a brand’s logo front and center. Over the past half-decade, BibBoards has partnered with the top names in endurance sports including Brooks, lulu lemon, Heineken, runDisney, and many more. In addition to partnering with endurance brands, BibBoards has also had the opportunity to partner with nonprofit organizations including the St. Jude, MS Society, Ronald McDonald House, Team Diabetes, and The Donna Foundation.

These partnerships have allowed race day coordinators to secure the funding they need while allowing brands to get in front of potential clients for the event. BibBoards has proven to be a product that event coordinators, sponsors, and participants love. “I remember when we started in 2017 as the new kid on the block and the people at the race expos we met told us how much they do not like safety pins and how grateful they were for the product and wondered why the race they were doing is still giving out safety pins,” said Founder Brian Goodell.

Five Years of Protecting the Environment

BibBoard’s patented locking technology secures your bib to your race day shirt with no holes, tears, or rips. BibBoards have replaced safety pins as the safer and more secure option to keep your bib on through the finish line. BibBoards is responsible for eliminating over 4,000,000 safety pins from hundreds of races across North America. Unlike safety pins, BibBoards are reusable and sustainable and don’t contribute to damaging the environment. BibBoards even uses recycled paper packaging to meet their commitment to a more sustainable race day. Race directors and environmentally conscious endurance athletes have trusted BibBoards to provide the most secure fit on race day and the cleanest course when everyone has crossed the finish line.

Pandemic-Proof and Beyond

Despite a global pandemic and many events being put on hold, BibBoards has been able to secure partnerships with many of the top brands in endurance sports. Although some were doubtful in the early days, BibBoards has proven that pairing race day coordinators, brands, and athletes to provide a great swag tool for race day is valuable.

BibBoards has bounced back after the global setbacks and participants who use BibBoards for races agree that the product is a valuable addition to their gear kit.