Baton Rouge, LA – FRESHJUNKIE Racing, a leading event production company known for its exceptional race experiences, is proud to announce its revolutionary profit-sharing plan designed to include employees and event contract staff. This innovative approach aims to enhance employee incentives, foster team retention, and solidify FRESHJUNKIE Racing’s position as a premier event production team in the country.

The FRESHJUNKIE Racing profit sharing plan is centered around the idea of rewarding employees and contract staff based on their commitment and dedication to the company’s event production endeavors.  Year-round employees are automatically included in the program.  To be eligible for the profit share, contract staff must attend a minimum number of events throughout the year, demonstrating their active participation in FRESHJUNKIE Racing’s success.

“We firmly believe that our success as a company is directly linked to the dedication and hard work of our employees, as well as the contractors who work as crew members on race weekend,” said Jonathan Dziuba, Managing Partner of FRESHJUNKIE Racing. “With the introduction of this profit-sharing plan, we aim to recognize their invaluable contributions while fostering a sense of ownership and camaraderie within our team. Our ultimate goal is to build and maintain the best event production team in the country.”

FRESHJUNKIE Racing has always been committed to creating exceptional race experiences that leave participants inspired and motivated. By extending this dedication to the people responsible for the event production, the company aims to create an environment where employees and contractors alike are motivated, rewarded, and inspired to continuously strive for excellence.

This groundbreaking profit-sharing plan is part of FRESHJUNKIE Racing’s larger strategy to revolutionize the event production industry by prioritizing employee satisfaction and engagement. By embracing innovative practices, the company is setting a new standard in the industry, paving the way for other organizations to adopt similar approaches.


FRESHJUNKIE Racing is an event production company based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Producing events since 2010, FJR manages, markets, and produces 24 events annually across Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, and Missouri. Creating memorable experiences for 50,000 participants annually, the events produce over $15 Million in economic impact in the communities, 12,000 hotel room nights, and $2.7 Million in charitable impact. For more info visit: