Moorestown, NJ – GiveSignup | RunSignup, the leading technology provider for endurance and fundraising events, released preliminary registration data through Q3 of 2021 to provide key metrics on the recovery of the events industry. The data shows continued recovery and consistent success of in-person events, as well as a lingering acceptance of virtual and hybrid events.

Like the annual GiveSignup | RunSignup RaceTrends report, conclusions are based on the registration data from the platform, including 5 million+ participants that registered between January and September of 2021, along with 5 million+ participants in 2020. This data is estimated to represent at least 30% of the endurance industry market.

Key takeaways from the report included:

·         Virtual is holding steady. Despite the significant growth of in-person events in the second half of the year, virtual events continued to make up 16-23% of registrations throughout Q3 as the Delta variant impacted event execution in some areas.

·         Turkey Trots are Hybrid. With the biggest running day of the year coming up, it’s clear that hybrid events are the new normal. Sixty-five percent of the largest Turkey Trots on the platform offer both in-person and virtual options (with 1% only virtual, and 34% only in-person) – the inverse of 2019, when just 34% of the largest Turkey Trots provided a hybrid format.

·         People (Still) Aren’t Procrastinating as Much as You Think They Are. Despite nervous chatter about hesitant registrants, the data doesn’t back up the idea that participants are waiting to register. The numbers after Q3 look almost the same as they did after Q2, with 25% of participants registering on race week (compared to 28% in 2019).

·         Running is for All Ages. While the share of participants who are under 30 still lags it’s pre-COVID level, the return of in-person events and cross country brought back younger runners, with 28.7% of participants under 30. At the same time, the 60+ runners who joined the sport in 2020 have stuck around, with 10.2% of all participants in 2021 over 60 (compared to 8.1% in 2019). Hybrid events with flexible options appear to be encouraging both groups to engage with the sport.

·         RaceDay Technology is Picking Up. The RaceDay CheckIn App is taking off as races look for options to streamline a touchless, line-free race day. With fall races and turkey trots still to come, CheckIn App usage already exceeds any year aside from 2019.

GiveSignup | RunSignup Founder and CEO Bob Bickel said, “Because our platform hosts a full range of events, from Top 100 races to 50-person 5K’s, we are able to aggregate a tremendous amount of data to provide a realistic picture of the trends impacting your average race. It’s clear from our Q3 data that hybrid solutions have contributed to the significant recovery of the endurance industry.”

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