Kinomap App transports athletes to scenic runs and famous races on adidas home cardio equipment

(August 21, 2023) – BOSTON – Interactive fitness platform Kinomap is excited to announce a new partnership with global fitness equipment manufacturer RFE International, the official licensee for adidas training equipment.

Kinomap and RFE International are focused on driving fitness innovation and are working together to improve and personalize the experience of cardio equipment users globally. No matter what type of adidas fitness equipment an athlete chooses, the Kinomap app can transport them to runs and rides anywhere in the world – with experiences varying from casual jogs to competitive races. Watch a 30-second video to see how it works.

Kinomap for Races is a powerful race simulation platform, turning treadmills, spin bikes, rowers and other cardio equipment into a personal race day course experience. Kinomap allows competitive multi-sport participation, letting participants also spin, row, walk or climb the event. The platform brings road races of all sizes and distances to athletes at their pace, on their schedule, using their personal equipment.

“The new experience that Kinomap is delivering stands out from the competition and benefits cardio equipment users tremendously,” said Craig Hoskins, General Manager, RFE North America.  “No matter where they are, they can compete in world class events from their adidas treadmill or other adidas cardio equipment.”

The Kinomap platform is available in 15 languages, has 370,000 miles of geolocated routes and more than 40,000 training videos in over 195 countries worldwide. Road race simulations are also coming to the app this fall and interested race directors can learn how their event can be included.

“RFE’s commitment to customer choice is a perfect match for Kinomap, which broadens workout choices for fitness users tremendously,” said Philippe Moity, Co-Founder and CEO of Kinomap, SAS.

The equipment agnostic Kinomap app pairs to your cardio device and responds to the inclines and resistance of the course video on the screen. Learn more at and download the app for your Apple or Android device.

About Kinomap

Kinomap is an interactive training app for indoor cycling, running and rowing. It is the world’s largest geolocated video sharing platform, with thousands of videos from the best tracks around the world. The app pairs to your cardio equipment and responds to the inclines and resistance seen in the video on your screen. Kinomap’s mission is to connect people with the most scenic and popular routes around the world, and give our community a truly innovative exercise experience. The Kinomap platform is available in 15 languages, has 370,000 miles of geolocated routes and more than 40,000 training videos in over 195 countries worldwide.

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About RFE International

RFE International, official licensee for adidas training equipment, is a global sports and fitness company specializing in the design, manufacture, marketing and sales of a comprehensive range of fitness equipment to both the commercial and home markets. Its headquarters are in Milton Keynes, UK, with offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai and a North American subsidiary (RFE Sporting Goods) based in Atlanta, GA. RFE International’s extensive assortment of fitness equipment ranges from the small, portable accessories such as training gloves, gym balls and yoga mats, to larger strength and cardiovascular equipment including treadmills, bikes, cross trainers, rowers and workout benches.


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