Join us at 1:30PM on Wednesday, January 31, 2024.

Tread Fitness, an exciting new fitness app, is set to make its debut at the Running USA Conference’s Innovation Showcase. Created with a vision to transform outdoor running and cycling workouts, Tread Fitness leverages cutting-edge AI technology for a dynamic and immersive training experience.

Revolutionizing Outdoor Workouts

Born out of a desire to enhance the outdoor fitness experience, Tread Fitness addresses a common frustration faced by runners and cyclists using existing apps during outdoor workouts. The app seamlessly synchronizes real-time training advice and motivation with an athlete’s actual outdoor run or ride.

A Vision for Empowered Workouts

Tread Fitness is not just another fitness app; it’s a game-changer. Using AI technology, curated music, and motivational narratives, Tread Fitness adapts to an athlete’s environment, providing dynamic audio coaching that syncs with performance during outdoor activities.

Benefits for Event Coordinators

Event coordinators can expect a significant impact on race readiness and participant engagement. Tread Fitness, with its unique features, ensures a more prepared and motivated community. The app allows for the creation of custom audio tracks, aligning with race training programs and providing real-time coaching tailored to the outdoor terrain.

The Tread Fitness Advantage

What sets Tread Fitness apart is its ability to adapt to any outdoor setting. Whether running on scenic trails or cycling through challenging terrain, Tread Fitness offers personalized audio coaching precisely when athletes need it most, ensuring a more engaging and effective workout.

Join the Fitness Revolution

Athletes of all levels are invited to join the fitness revolution with Tread Fitness. The app not only keeps users motivated with inspiring stories but also delivers real-time feedback and performance-enhancing guidance during outdoor workouts.

About Tread Fitness

Tread Fitness is an innovative fitness app designed to revolutionize outdoor running and cycling workouts. Leveraging advanced AI technology, Tread Fitness offers personalized audio coaching, music synchronization, and motivational stories to enhance athletes’ performance and motivation during their outdoor training sessions.

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Join us at the Innovation Showcase to Experience Tread Fitness – January 31 @ 1:30PM