MarathonFoto, the premier provider of race day photography services, is thrilled to announce a new partnership with the Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon, commencing in 2024. This exciting collaboration aims to celebrate each athlete’s achievements and inspire others through high-quality, memorable race photography.

The Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon, renowned for its scenic course along the shores of Lake Michigan, will now feature MarathonFoto’s comprehensive photography services. Dedicated to capturing the essence of race day, MarathonFoto provides athletes with lasting memories of their incredible journey from start to finish. Professional photographers will be strategically positioned throughout the marathon course, ensuring complete coverage from the starting line, iconic lakefront, key mile markers, and the triumphant finish. Each participant will receive high-quality, personalized photos, allowing them to relive their race day experience and share their accomplishments with friends and family.

“We are excited to partner with the Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon, an event that embodies the spirit of community and athleticism,” said Brad Kroll, President of MarathonFoto. “Our goal is to capture and celebrate each runner’s unique journey, providing them with cherished memories and inspiring others to take on their own challenges.”

Race Director of the Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon, Scott Stauske, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership: “The addition of MarathonFoto’s professional photography services will significantly enhance the athlete experience. We look forward to seeing the incredible moments and stories that will be captured and shared with our running community.”

MarathonFoto and the Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon invite all athletes, spectators, and supporters to join in celebrating this new partnership and the extraordinary moments that define race day. Together, we aim to inspire and empower individuals to achieve their goals, one photograph at a time.

About MarathonFoto:

MarathonFoto, for more than 45 years, has had a mission that goes beyond capturing mere images. Dedicated to inspiring and celebrating athletes, MarathonFoto transforms moments into memories. As pioneers in their field, their lens doesn’t just freeze the action; it encapsulates the spirit, determination, and triumph of every participant. Through their artistry, MarathonFoto ensures that each athlete’s journey is not just documented but celebrated, creating a visual testament to the passion and perseverance that define the world of sports and mass participation events. MarathonFoto is a division of Infront Sports & Media AG. Website: 

About Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon:

The Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon, originating as the Wisconsin Mayfair Marathon in 1973, transitioned to its current format in 1981. Renowned for its scenic course along Lake Michigan, the marathon embodies a runner-centric ethos with strong community support. The Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon gained prominence, attracting elite athletes from all over the world. Today, the marathon continues to draw global participants with its picturesque route, flat terrain, and enduring spirit of camaraderie, making it a cornerstone of Wisconsin’s running community. Website: