Running events can be some of the most complicated events to plan. Races or marathons usually take place on public grounds where we’re managing roads, traffic, closures and speaking with stakeholders including local government, suppliers, security and more. Usually an entire venue is created with set up and deconstruction in just a few hours. Running events are usually the biggest mass events with participation sometimes being up to 30,000 people. This is a massive operational challenge in terms of crowd management, signage, capacity management, security, health & safety, traffic management, and so many more factors.

OnePlan is no stranger to this problem. Our team is made up of event experts, some who’ve helped plan major events from the Olympics to 10Ks around the world. We created a solution that’s a better way to plan events, and we’ve just launched our Running pack specifically designed for running race planning. Our tool is an all-in-one software that’s free to use, and set up only takes minutes.

Check out 5 features that make OnePlan the best way to plan running events.

  1. Simplify planning

If you’re using Google earth, CAD, photoshop or any other way to plan running events other than OnePlan, it’s more complicated than it needs to be. With OnePlan, you have one platform that combines all aspects of planning. Create your route, mark signage, plot traffic closures, share with stakeholders and even create a bill of quantities in just one click.

  1. Facilitate communication with stakeholders

OnePlan allows you to share your map with anyone. Simply put their email in, and assign them either “view-only” or “edit” access. Give edit access to members on your team and give “view-only” access to stakeholder who need to see your route. OnePlan’s collaborative features facilitates easier communication with local authorities, traffic management teams, security, running teams, sponsors and any stakeholder in one event plan. This gives all stakeholders the ability to review the entire race route easily, with all infrastructure and operational instructions visible.

  1. High quality maps and precise location points

Set up your event site plan with our large variety of the most up-to-date HD maps, including Google maps, satellite, and black and white. No matter how large your event site is, our software can map out your race with the availability to zoom in and see every inch of your route.

Our Running pack also has over 100+ running specific tools, including signage and road event tools you can plot on your event plan enabling precise location points for each sign. We integrate with a tool called what3words which divides your map into 3 meter squares so each sign plotted has a specific precise location point. Share your event plan with crew and it make it so much easier for them to install signage or cones on set-up day.

  1. Ensure safety

Safety is a huge part of any type of event planning, which is why OnePlan is optimized to plan safe events. OnePlan offers a tool where organizers can flag any field of play hazard (potholes, railroad tracks, etc.), take a photo, add comments and upload it to the map. Your team will immediately know of any hazards added to your map.

  1. Free to use

Plan your first event in OnePlan totally free with all the tools to map and plan your event. Sign up in minutes and get planning right away. If you enjoy using OnePlan and see yourself planning multiple events, we offer a Professional package starting at just 70$ a month. If you’re using CAD and would like your CAD drawing imported, OnePlan can even import your drawing onto your plan and you can design your sitemap on top of your drawing.

If you’re interested in getting started with OnePlan, sign up for free here and start planning. If you have any questions or would like a demo with one of our team, book a demo here.