May 11, 2022 – Glastonbury, CT – The Hartford Marathon Foundation (HMF) is enhancing its long-standing offering of pace teams for distance events through a new partnership with ProHealth Physicians.  The following 2022 events will feature ProHealth Physicians Pace Teams:

· Hartford HealthCare Mystic Half Marathon on May 15

· UConn Health Half Marathon on June 4

· Surftown Half Marathon, presented by Westerly Hospital, on September 11

· Eversource Hartford Marathon and Half Marathon on October 8

Pace teams are groups led by experienced runners who help participants achieve their goal time. There is no fee and all registered race participants can use the service. The pace leader runs a steady pace and keeps track of that pace so that the group can achieve their goal of finishing the half marathon or marathon distance at a particular time.

“As runners and experienced race producers, we know the value of providing supportive pace teams and appreciate the partnership with ProHealth Physicians to help us continue to offer the free service to our race participants. The support and camaraderie felt within a pace team and the experience of crossing finish lines together can be very rewarding, especially for first-timers,” said Beth Shluger, founder and CEO of the Hartford Marathon Foundation.

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About the Hartford Marathon Foundation

The Hartford Marathon Foundation, Inc. is a nonprofit organization founded in 1994 to create and manage fitness events that inspire people to be healthy and fit.  Located in Glastonbury, Connecticut, the Hartford Marathon Foundation organizes more than 30 annual athletic races, including the Eversource Hartford Marathon and Half Marathon, and training programs for youth runners.  For more information, visit and on Facebook at HMF Events, Twitter at @RunHMF and Instagram at HMF_Events.