New tracking links tool to power your digital marketing strategy


London, ON (Friday, March 25, 2022) – After Facebook’s tracking updates, keeping tabs on link conversions and other metrics has been a challenge for many event organizers. Race Roster has introduced a new link tracking tool to solve this problem.

With tracking links, event organizers using Race Roster can now determine the effectiveness of their marketing efforts. The tracking links tool gives visibility into how much registration, donation, or store product value is generated from each campaign.

“Our new link tracking tool allows organizers to determine what’s currently working, what’s not, and where their marketing efforts should be focused going forward.” says Bob Pluss, Director of Race Roster Marketing. “They can compare the success of each campaign, campaign source, and campaign medium by looking at sessions, clicks, registrations, registration value, donations, donation value, store value and the total revenue. For example, they can compare the success of their email promotions versus their Facebook/Google ads, and determine which one ultimately brings in the most registrations.”

Setting up tracking links on Race Roster is easy. Event organizers can simply fill out a form to receive a unique generated UTM (Urchin Tracking Module), also referred to as their tracking link. This link can be pasted as the Call-to-Action URL on any campaign and event organizers can keep track of each campaign’s success from their campaign metrics dashboard on Race Roster.

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