127th Boston Marathon & GivenGain Break Fundraising Record

May 25, 2023 – The 127th Boston Marathon, held on Patriot’s Day, Monday, April 17, has continued its philanthropic legacy, thanks to the remarkable fundraising efforts of the Boston Athletic Association, participants, charities, and official fundraising partner, GivenGain.

This year’s marathon witnessed an incredible display of generosity, resulting in an unprecedented fundraising total of $40.2 million. The combined impact of this mass participation event and the fundraising technology of GivenGain has reaffirmed the force for good that can be achieved when individuals, events, and platforms unite in support of charitable causes.

Setting New Fundraising Heights

The 127th Boston Marathon broke records, raising the highest amount in its history since 2019’s achievement of $38.7 million. This year’s total represents the goodwill and commitment of the 2,594 fundraisers from 78 countries, who wanted to use the marathon as an opportunity to make a positive difference. Supporting an array of charitable organizations, these individuals spearheaded fundraising projects on the GivenGain platform that resonated worldwide.

A Global Tool for Change

GivenGain, a non-profit online fundraising platform and the official fundraising partner of the Boston Marathon for the third consecutive year, played an instrumental role in channeling this year’s impressive fundraising efforts. Bryan Lively, GivenGain VP of Global Sales & Service, expressed the platform’s mission, stating, “Supporting athletes and charities to raise money around the globe with ease is at the very heart of what we do at GivenGain, and shows the real power of online fundraising.”

Uniting Passionate Fundraisers and Charitable Organizations

Through the Boston Marathon, over 200 charities received support, forging connections between fundraisers and causes close to their hearts. The Massachusetts General Hospital was well-supported, receiving an outstanding $1,758,594, followed by the Spaulding Rehabilitation Network with $863,139, and the Boston Medical Center with $751,082. The overwhelming response and immense generosity of the participants have undoubtedly transformed lives and provided essential resources for these organizations to continue their work.

Celebrating Inspirational Fundraisers

The dedicated efforts of individual fundraisers deserve special recognition. Among the top fundraisers were Neil Wallack, who raised an astounding $135,558 for JDRF (Greater New England Chapter); James Covey, who raised $90,432 for the National Brain Tumor Society; and Sarah Tully, who raised $85,208 for the American Liver Foundation. These exceptional individuals exemplify the spirit of philanthropy, encouraging others to contribute to deserving causes.

Fueling the Momentum with Boston Marathon Giving Day

The success of this year’s Boston Marathon was augmented by Boston Marathon Giving Day on March 15. During this 24-hour period, an incredible $1,041,766 in donations poured in, showcasing the impact that collective action can achieve in a short span of time.

Harnessing the Potential of Mass Participation and Partnership

The 127th Boston Marathon, in collaboration with GivenGain, has provided a fantastic demonstration of the combined power of mass participation events and fundraising technology. Partnerships like this form a dynamic ecosystem where individuals, events, charities and technology work together to create change.